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Custom Fitness Center Design & Layout Services

The key to any successful fitness center is a well-thought-out plan designed by professionals. We recognize and appreciate that each fitness center is unique and requires a deep understanding of so many elements, including your goals, facility location, demographic, space limitations and/or challenges, as well as the size and budget for the allocated fitness space. Based on this understanding, we strive to design a fitness center that encompasses all of these elements, helping to create an identity for the facility.

Our initial step is to conduct a comprehensive planning session with you, where we identify these key elements. Next, based on our findings, your local fitness design consultant works directly with our in-house design team to create a complimentary 2D layout, established from the architectural drawing of your facility. This will serve as the blueprint to your fitness facility success.

To ensure we are capturing the essence of your needs we create stunning 3d renderings of your fitness space. We incorporate as many of the facility’s finishes and color schemes as possible to provide you a true conceptual feel of your perspective fitness center. Many of our clients utilize these beautiful renderings to assist in leasing spaces or even incorporate them into their marketing materials to help illustrate what is “coming soon”.

Our fitness design consultants are trained in many facets that clients don’t often think about, such as ADA requirements, electrical, TV, internet and flooring. We also pay attention to natural lighting usage and window types which play such an important role in the comfort level of a facility. These components all need to be established on the front end of the design phase in order to help you avoid costly mistakes such as misplaced electrical, miscalculated ceiling height, or inadequate flooring selections. So whether your fitness center is part of a new construction or a renovation project, it is critical to bring us in as early in the process as possible to help you plan and design the fitness space.

We value that a facility’s fitness center has become a cornerstone amenity for connecting people socially and we strive to create spaces that emit a strong sense of community, offering an environment where people are more likely to stay and be a part of the community.


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