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Our fitness design consultants intimately understand our extensive line of offerings, from the commercial fitness equipment itself to the flooring and branding options. Our consultants also specialize in specific market segments which allows them to thoroughly engage in understanding your needs and objectives. We have an in-depth understanding of each market segment we represent, allowing us to help guide you in investing in the most appropriate products for your facility.

There are so many considerations you have to take into account when deciding on what products are best suited for your facility. These considerations include your facility demographics, location, layout, sightlines and ambiance, industry trends, flooring, etc. This endless list can be overwhelming. We are here to make this process exciting and simple as opposed to stressful and difficult!

To assist in making these decisions, it is critical to work with an experienced fitness design consultant rather than trying to piece your project together with multiple vendors or doing it by yourself. With our consultants you can be rest assured that you and your facility’s best interest are always top of mind. Our consultants will explain to you why particular equipment is recommended over others, whether it makes sense to lease versus purchase the equipment, take you on tours of previous projects and offer references for you to speak to other clients we have worked with. We want to build a trusting relationship with you and be your long-term partner and adviser.


Although the type and quality of equipment are critical components to creating a well-designed space, you also need to take into account the overall feel of the room. Keep open sight lines with larger equipment in the back of the room. Subtle features such as flooring, lighting and wall graphics also can improve the look of the room, making it a place that exercisers will want to visit repeatedly.


Layout, sightlines and ambiance.

In this space, the importance of the room’s layout, sight lines and ambiance is equally critical to the equipment chosen. Taking advantage of natural light, considering personal space and flow of movement, and choosing appropriate flooring and mirroring are just a few of the factors that can enhance and encourage use of the space.


Does your fitness amenity have the appropriate flooring? Depending on where the fitness center is located in your building, noise produced from those working out, and noise from some equipment, may disturb people in other parts of the building. There are several flooring solutions that can significantly help reduce noise generated from the fitness center.



Having an eye-catching space with great flooring, lighting and new equipment is important, but the key ingredient is maintaining utilization. Facilities have many options for programming, such as bringing in local instructors and personal trainers, or purchasing on-demand group exercise platforms that allow video programming of popular classes like yoga, spin cycling and Zumba.

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