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Our consultants work all throughout Arizona to develop the fitness center of your dreams. We have representatives in Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, Mesa, and Glendale who are ready to assist you in planning your new commercial gym. Our work throughout several Arizona communities includes high school fitness centers for the Scottsdale Unified School District. The team at Advanced Exercise is adept at maximizing space for efficiency as well as usage. Each and every fitness center is unique and we adjust our design elements to reflect this and add personality that complements the space. Our team members possess a great deal of enthusiasm for health and wellness which is expressed through every project they handle throughout Arizona. This translates into every facility they plan and design, as each consultant thinks of the individual members who will be using the equipment and how they can best meet their fitness goals. As the largest full-service fitness provider in the country, we believe in offering personalized services for each of our clients and think that planning a fitness center should be a collaborative partnership that is mutually beneficial. We partner with excellent equipment manufacturers that create top-tier fitness equipment that is built to last so you never need to worry about quality or longevity. On top of that, we partner with certified technicians that are authorized to service the equipment and provide both warranty and non-warranty repairs. We offer preventative maintenance programs that cater to your specific needs. These programs allow our technicians to perform routine preventative maintenance to ensure that each piece of equipment functions properly and stays in ideal shape. If you’re considering a new fitness center or a renovation of an existing one in Arizona, contact Advanced Exercise to learn more about how we can help you transform an exercise space into a community focal point.

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