Advanced Exercise’s fitness design consultants know full and well that one way to increase employee engagement and productivity at work is by promoting a greater work-life balance within company culture. By implementing corporate wellness programs and initiatives into routine, as is seen amongst many of the nation’s top workplaces, many of whom are our clients, workforces tend to experience surges of excitement and energy in their employees.

Employees who exercise regularly have shown to exhibit stronger feelings of self-image, more positive attitudes, and subsequently, feel physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier and stronger, allowing them to be more engaged and productive at work. Studies have also indicated that when people work out regularly, they tend to have better time-management skills and customer service characteristics.

One of the most effective ways to provide employees with greater corporate wellness opportunities is by constructing a fitness center in the workplace. Advanced Exercise’s fitness design consultants have over 25 years of experience assisting businesses in creating fitness centers in their office spaces, operating within tight budgetary and spatial limitations to build the most optimal fitness center possible. We work with you to pick out the best office gym equipment, gym layout plan, and fitness center design, making the most out of how big or how little space you are working with. Contact Advanced Exercise today for more information on our corporate wellness fitness facility services!

Arrow Electronics

Centennial, Colorado

The strategy behind this corporate fitness center was to create a user -friendly, technology forward fitness center for the employees within an inviting atmosphere. Also critical to the success of the space and its users, was the incorporation of on-site management for the center and fitness programming to support employee health & wellness goals. The partnership between Advanced Exercise and Elevation Corporate Health achieved these goals through a year’s worth of extensive planning and thoughtful design. Everything from the sight-lines and spacing of the cardio equipment, to the placement and accessibility of the group exercise equipment was assessed during the process. We integrated top of the line Life Fitness Discover SE cardio, Insignia Series selectorized Strength, Signature Series benches and racks, as well as some group training equipment. Together, all of these pieces really made for a clean and sophisticated fitness center.


Advanced Exercise Equipment took our office gym from ‘pretty good’ to ‘amazing’. Bob Omatsu offered excellent customer service from the equipment selection and layout all the way through installation and the grand opening. He even came to the office to show us how to use the machines correctly. It’s been months and people are still talking about how happy they are with our workout facility.

Jacob Cramer. Facilities Manager.

Hot Topic. City of Industry, CA

It is with great endorsement that I contribute the success of our programs at Boeing Fitness in Long Beach and Seal Beach to our relationship with Erik Hillestad and Advanced Exercise Equipment. Erik has assisted us for several years in designing our facilities and providing top of the line equipment at the best price in the fastest time possible. It is gratifying to have service you can count on.

Michael Loemiti. Program Director / Manager..

Boeing California Employee Fitness Long Beach & Seal Beach, CA