Bob Dicandia

Bob Dicandia

  • Bob AKA “Big Daddy”
  • 28 Years of Experience in the Health and Fitness Industry
  • “My favorite musical artist? EASY it’s Frank. Frank Who? Don’t talk to me.”
  • Food Temptation – Pizza and Fried Chicken
  • Masters in Kinesiology/Sports Medicine from Washington University
Brandon Finenco

Brandon Finenco

  • Nothing is More Motivating Than my Wife and Kids
  • Certified Design Trainer for Multi Family and Commercial Structures
  • “LeBron James is the man!”
  • 15 Years in the Health and Fitness Industry
  • Business & Marketing – Utah Valley University
Dave Farrell

Dave Farrell

  • Competitive Mountain Biking
  • 18 Years in the Health and Fitness Industry
  • Colorado Native
  • Sports Medicine – Colorado State University
Eric Jenican

Eric Jenican

  • “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”
  • The Beach Boys
  • Mountain biking at the end of a hot summer day
  • Little League and Flag Football Coach
  • Economics – Claremont McKenna College
Erik Hillestad

Erik Hillestad

  • Find Me Trying All the Amazing Never Ending Restaurants in LA in My Free Time
  • Favorite Piece of Equipment – The HiTrainer Treadmill
  • Working Towards an African Safari
  • 23 Years in the Health and Fitness Industry
  • Exercise Physiology – West Virginia University
Franci Alberding

Franci Alberding

  • Personal Trainer to Fitness Competitor to Fitness Consultant
  • “You are what you believe yourself to be.” – Paul Coelho
  • 15 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, 2 Pac, Rick Ross, Johnny Cash, Elvis, The List Goes On…
  • I Enjoy Reading & Studying Spiritual & Metaphysical Things
Heather Doane

Heather Doane

  • 14 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Flew a helicopter
  • Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and I Hold Multiple Related Certificates
  • Biggest Food Weakness – Ice Cream
  • Master’s Degree in Health Promotion – University of Nevada Las Vegas
Jason Pooler

Jason Pooler

  • Bucket list – Sitting courtside at a Laker game with my feet on the hardwood
  • “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”
  • Metallica – favorite of all time
  • Snowboarding in Mammoth
  • Obsessed with needing a fully stocked wine fridge at all times.
Jay Gallagher

Jay Gallagher

  • 34 Years in Marketing and Sales (18 Years as a VP)
  • Biggest Food Temptation – Hot Sour Dough Bread & Butter
  • “Wake every day with a plan!”
  • Lifelong Love of Sports
  • Economics –California State University, Long Beach
Jeff Paxton

Jeff Paxton

  • Jeff Paxton AKA “Pakman”
  • Inspired by My Wife Jodi
  • 30 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Favorite Activity – Rugby…In a Previous Life & Body
  • Exercise Science – University of Kansas
Jen Maurath

Jen Maurath

  • Striving to See All of the National Parks
  • Personal Trainer to Facility Management to Fitness Design Consultant
  • Always Growing and Bettering Myself
  • Mrs. Sweet Tooth
  • Exercise Science & Corporate Wellness – Northwest Missouri State University
Jody Huddleson

Jody Huddleson

  • Dreaming of a Weeklong Rowing Camp
  • 30 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Cookies ARE a Major Food Group
  • Living Large!
  • Exercise Science – CU Boulder
Jon Sewell

Jon Sewell

  • Amateur Fisherman
  • Involved in the Health and Fitness Industry 15+ Years
  • Health Sciences – James Madison University
Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez

  • Bucket List – Attend a Real Madrid Futbol Game in Madrid…Check!
  • Find Me Fishing With My Son
  • 14 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • “May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”
  • Spanish – New Mexico University
Keith Hertz

Keith Hertz

  • “Do as many reps as you can, then do 3 more!”
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • You Will NEVER Find My Shoelaces Loose
  • Performing Standup Comedy Since 1994
  • Communications – Ohio University
Laura Emrich

Laura Emrich

  • Tempted by Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza
  • “There is no such thing as being bored.”
  • 17 years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Waking Up Every Day to Set a Good Example for My Sons
  • Speech Communication – University of Illinois
Lisa Miceli Standage

Lisa Miceli Standage

  • Strangely Obsessed With Popcorn
  • Assistant Basketball Coach @ Ursuline Academy
  • Prancercise Fanatic
  • Certifications with AFFA, Apex Fitness Professionals, & Body Bug
  • Business Administration & Marketing Truman State University
Lori Beall

Lori Beall

  • Sugar is from Satan, full of temptation!
  • “Faith can move mountains, doubt can build them.”
  • Livestrong Cancer Survivor Trainer, Diabetes Health Coach
  • Relaxing with a book or being active with my kids
  • Masters of Business Administration-Texas A&M Commerce
Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez

  • Avid Runner and Mountain Biker
  • Little League Coach
  • 21 Years in the Health and Fitness Industry
  • “Excellent customer service leads to successful relationships and ultimately a successful business.”
  • Proud Husband and Father
Mike Keller

Mike Keller

  • AKA Killer Keller
  • “If it is to be, it is up to me.”
  • 24 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Avid Outdoorsman – Especially Mountain Biking
  • Fitness Management – Kent State University
Mike Mcneese

Mike Mcneese

  • My Children Are My Motivation
  • “Live Long, Die Fast.” – Jack LaLanne
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies & Led Zeppelin
  • 33 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Physical Education – San Diego State University
Patrick Willey

Patrick Willey

  • “Fear means nothing more than the meaning you give it.”
  • Passionate about Health & Fitness
  • Always Ready to Eat Sushi
  • Motivated by The Clock
  • Business Administration – University of Arkansas
Rick Moser

Rick Moser

  • Two Time Super Bowl Champion With the Pittsburgh Steelers (1978 & 1979)
  • “Lucky Enough to be in the Right Place at the Right Time”
  • Retired Hollywood Actor
  • Hiking with my two dogs up to Top of the World in Laguna Beach
  • Marketing – University of Rhode Island
Ryan Lenderman

Ryan Lenderman

  • Played Professional Football in Canada
  • “Whatever your craft is, give it 100%.”
  • Obsessed With Having a Spotless Kitchen
  • Involved in the Health and Fitness Industry Since Age 5
  • Sociology – University of Southern California
Ryan McAfee

Ryan McAfee

  • Gary Vee and Pull Ups in the Morning
  • “Proud to be a Texan!”
  • 12 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Find me on an outdoor adventure with my daughter and twin sons
  • Master’s in Athletic Administration – Southeast Missouri State University
Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

  • I Hate Socks
  • “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
  • Snakes Scare Me
  • Beer & Golf
  • Communications – Weber State University
Steve Autrey

Steve Autrey

  • 38 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • I Enjoy Cycling and Golf
  • “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”
  • Physical Education – Arkansas Tech University
Tim Cluny

Tim Cluny

  • 28 Years in the Health & Fitness Industry
  • Adjunct Faculty – St. Charles Community College
  • Loving Husband & Proud Father
  • Extensive Consulting Experience
  • Physical Education with an Emphasis in Exercise Science – Northeast Missouri State University
Tim Pack

Tim Pack

  • “Come on with it!”
  • Professionally Involved in Educational Athletics & Physical Education since 1987
  • Dessert is a Temptress…
  • Find me Rocking to the Eagles
  • Master’s in Sports Science – Central Missouri University
Vaughn Marxhausen

Vaughn Marxhausen

  • My Wife Gail Inspires Me
  • Find Me Playing my Guitar or Listening to Pink Floyd
  • Involved in the Health & Fitness Industry for Over 28 Years
  • Always Striving to Make a Positive Impact
  • Studio Art, Physical and Health Education – Concordia University

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