The key to any successful fitness center is a well-thought-out plan designed by professionals. We recognize and appreciate that each fitness center is unique and requires a deep understanding of many elements: goals, location, demographic, space limitations and/or challenges, and budget. Advanced Exercise experts strive to design fitness spaces that maximize all of these elements, helping to create a compelling and unique identity for each facility.



The team at Advanced Exercise is backed by over 30 years of industry expertise, with each project and client relationship held to the highest standards. Many of our fitness design consultants have more than a decade invested in the fitness industry and its products, trends and successes, and they share that expertise with clients every day. Advanced Exercise team members also work behind the scenes to perfect current equipment functionality and new product designs, partnering with key manufacturers to provide direct feedback on the client experience. With developed expertise on both sides of the fitness equation, Advanced Exercise clients are assured that they’re working with the best.

Meeting Client Needs

Across the country, Advanced Exercise works with clients to create floor-to-ceiling fitness solutions for their communities. Advanced Exercise is frequently sought after to help guide clients through their options in these areas:


Fitness Equipment




Recreation & Relaxation


Storage Solutions


Outdoor Fitness


Fitness Technology




Support Services


 Functional Training & Group Exercise

Areas of Specialization


To maximize the use of any fitness space you need to consider activity flow, equipment selection, power needs, weight tolerance and a host of other factors, all of which make up the layout. Advanced Exercise design consultants know what works and how to design your space to encourage its use and enhance its value.

Fitness Technology

Technology access is a must. From equipment technology that let users bike the himalayas, race a buddy in Australia, and track every exercise performance metric, to customizable fitness programming (providing on-demand exercise video programming to the screen of your choice), fitness technology is a key ingredient to building and maintaining fitness engagement.


Flooring is a vital and often overlooked piece of fitness equipment. So many people engage in functional fitness programs that having an athletic floor underneath you really makes a difference. For facilities, it’s about acoustics, safety, aesthetics and durability too. Ask us about the options!


Beyond the equipment choices, the location and the design of the space, there are often-underutilized ways to create a compelling and memorable experience for fitness facility end-users, and all of them with your signature stamp on it. From your logo in the floor, to custom color choices for equipment, to the graphics on the walls, we can help you brand your space to be uniquely your own.

Support Services

To build and and maintain compelling fitness spaces that keep communities engaged and coming back for more, Advanced Exercise has resources to cover every detail.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation

We understand first-hand the critical importance a seamless delivery and installation plays in the success of a project. We think of ourselves as an extension of our clients, with the goal in mind of maintaining the highest level of personalized service. Every single delivery and install is treated as if it’s our only delivery and install.

Our factory-trained professionals are committed to exceeding your expectations. We recognize that product and technical training are crucial behind-the-scenes components to a successful project installation which is why we invest in training our crews on the latest product offerings and updates. This ensures that your equipment performs up to our standards, as well as our valued partners’ standards.

The details are personal to us. On-time delivery sets the stage and careful equipment handling is essential, which is why our equipment is blanket-wrapped until it is placed safely in your facility. The installation of fitness equipment is complicated, and we are committed to making sure it’s done exactly right so you have the peace of mind knowing that your facility is safe for your end users.

Product Training

Product Training.

Your fitness design consultant will provide complementary training to staff to really maximize the benefits of your fitness center. Training includes a review of the purpose, use and basic maintenance of each component of the fitness center as well as highlighting the unique features of your particular center.

For our fitness design consultants, this is often one of the most rewarding parts of the process in working with our valued clients. The project is not complete until the facility’s staff is confident and competent in helping their customers get the most from their new fitness center.

Financing Options

Financing Options

The most popular form of equipment financing is a called a capital lease (often referred to a $1 buyout). With this contract, when the lease term is complete, $1 is due and the equipment is owned free and clear. This will type of financing will show up as a liability on the organization’s balance sheet. This lease is best suited for clients who wish to hold onto their equipment investment long after the lease is complete.

Another form of equipment financing is called an operating lease (often referred to a fair market value (FMV) lease or “off balance sheet financing”). With this contract, when the lease term is complete, the client owes the fair market value of the equipment, which usually ranges from 10% – 20% of the price paid, not including delivery, installation or taxes. This type of financing will NOT show up on as a liability on the organization’s balance sheet. This lease is designed for facilities who need to upgrade their equipment on predictable cycles (3 – 5 years). Facilities with high traffic and usage are great candidates for this type of lease.

Municipal leasing local and state government agencies such as schools, community recreation centers, police and fire departments can take advantage of special leasing programs designed for municipalities.

Which type of financing is best for you? Please reach out to a fitness design consultant to learn more.

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

Warranty coverage creates peace of mind which is why we offer extended warranty plans that can supplement the manufacturer’s standard warranty. We have several warranty plans to choose from including our Exercise Protect Plan (EPP) plan and manufacturer sponsored plans like the ones provided by Life Fitness. These plans offer:

  • Coverage plans options of 3, 4 and 5 years (some restrictions apply)
  • Parts and Labor coverage (100% coverage of parts and labor costs on covered claims. No hidden deductibles.)
  • Service provided on-site by trained and certified Technicians (some restrictions apply based on travel distance from service provider).

We understand and appreciate that each client is unique so providing flexible business solutions to help make your life easier is exactly what we’re here to do! For example, if you are leasing equipment, you may want to match the warranty period to the lease term, for a single monthly payment. Allow us to customize a comprehensive fitness and services plan that is best suited for your business.

Trade-In Programs

Trade-In Programs

We understand that clients often need to trade in older equipment to make room for newer products they may want to purchase. Many times this equipment still has value and can help offset the cost of the new equipment purchase. In some cases where the products do not have any aftermarket value, we can extract the equipment and either donate it or recycle the scrap metal. In either case, we pride ourselves on being a single source solution for all of your product and logistic needs.

Services & Preventative Maintenance

Service & Preventative Maintenance

Advanced Exercise provides on-site service and maintenance programs to our clients through our certified and factory trained service teams. Our teams are authorized by the brands we represent to provide warranty and non-warranty repairs as well as scheduled maintenance. It is critical in providing the best support as part of the manufacturer’s service network and knowledge base, as well as providing OEM approved parts.

We understand the need to provide expedited repairs as well as providing a maintenance schedule tailored to the facility usage. Our Service Teams provide same day phone response, 48 hour on-site response times, maintenance programs and training workshops on how to care for the equipment.

We are dedicated to helping you design and implement a preventative maintenance strategy that will reduce your overall maintenance costs by helping minimize downtime from equipment failures and minimize liability by performing the factory recommended inspections and services. Preventative maintenance is scheduled not only to help keep your exercise equipment operational, but to extend the life of your equipment and investment which will ultimately improve the overall reliability of your equipment throughout your facility.

Product Selection

Though we offer thousands of products that change and innovate constantly, you can peek at a selection of performance fitness equipment and active recreation options by clicking here.