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College athletes require much more intense fitness equipment than the typical recreational fitness enthusiast, so Advanced Exercise tailors our selection of gym equipment much differently than for our other clients. Subsequently, college sport athletic facilities demand a very different gym layout and design plan, which is what our fitness center design consultants have been doing best for 30 years and running. College athletes have devoted years of hard work in the gym to get them where they, and Advanced Exercise knows what a college athletic fitness center needs to keep them performing at their greatest potential. Give one of our experienced college athletic fitness center design consultants a call today and let’s get the ball rolling on constructing a cutting edge fitness center from the ground up, or revamping your existing one.

San Diego State University Fowler Athletic Center

San Diego, California

This amazing 11,500 square foot facility is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to fitness centers that have challenged us and made us think outside of the box. This project consisted of a complete renovation to the 15 year old facility making it into a premier multi-sport athletic training environment. The challenging component to this project lied in the fact that we only had a two week window to remove all the old flooring and equipment then bring in over 7 truckloads and 140,000lbs of new Ecore Athletic flooring and Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Eleiko and Iron Grip Equipment. Advanced Exercise provided 100% of the planning, flooring, and equipment along with total project management solutions. We successfully designed the room in a way that made it functional for multiple teams to train at one time. “Good customer service is getting harder and harder to find, but Advanced Exercise got it right!” Adam Hall, Assistant Athletic Director for Strength & Conditioning at SDSU.

UCSD Alex G. Spanos Athletic Performance Center

La Jolla, CA

At the new UCSD athletic performance center we wanted to design and provide turnkey equipment and training solutions for these Athletes. Through strategic space planning and multi-use equipment, we were able to develop a space that could accommodate multiple sports teams. Advanced Exercise provided full a project management role working closely with an Independent Strength and Conditioning Consultant, UCSD Athletics, coaches and architects to design the facility. We were responsible in overseeing and executing the delivery and installation of the indoor and outdoor surfacing as well as the equipment. UCSD chose us because of our experience, quality of products, and our ability to manage the project locally.

UCSD Alex G. Spanos Athletic Performance Center

UCSD Alex G. Spanos Athletic Performance Center

  • University of Missouri. Columbia, Missouri

    Brian Smith. Head Wrestling Coach.

    Missouri Wrestling has worked with Advanced Exercise and Tim Cluny for close to five years. Through the bid process to the installation of the equipment Tim was always there to answer any questions and the equipment was always installed on time. What I do respect most about Tim Cluny is his commitment to our program after the purchase. He calls to check on the equipment, he stops up to our facility whenever he is in town and he follows the team by attending the NCAA’s and some of our home duals. Our program is a success because we expect everyone involved to give a total commitment; Tim Cluny has always given us that.

  • Maryville University. St. Louis, Missouri.

    Scott Harley, ATC. Head Athletic Trainer & Assistant Director of Athletics .

    Our experience in working with Tim Cluny and Advanced Exercise Equipment has been exceptional. Obviously, both Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are industry leaders, their products have continued to serve us very well, in performance, presentation, and durability. Tim assisted us from the very beginning—as we were planning the design and layout of our new facility, Tim provided detailed layouts of our how we might equip our facility. It was re-assuring to know that as focused as we were on getting everything “just right”, we had a partner in Tim who was equally focused on all details concerning our new facility and maximizing its space and offerings. Tim also provided valuable insight on flooring, lighting, as well as HVAC/electrical considerations for our facility also. Advanced Exercise Equipment’s pricing was fair and competitive. Service after the sale continues to be exemplary as Tim often follows up with us on our needs and plans. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim Cluny and Advanced Exercise Equipment to any entity looking to enhance or upgrade their facility’s fitness/strength & conditioning equipment needs.

  • San Diego State University Fowler Athletic Center

    Adam Hall. Assistant Athletic Director for Strength & Conditioning

    We were originally planning on expanding our strength facility but instead we completely gutted the old room and renovated it from the floor up. Our facility is 11,500sq ft. The part that excites me the most about it is the functionality in the design of the room. Working with Rick Barbee we were able to design the room in a way that multiple teams could use the facility at the same time and have plenty of space. Advanced Exercise was our choice because of the staff that they have. Rick and Mike were awesome. Good customer service is getting harder and harder to find but Advanced got it right.

  • Lincoln University. Jefferson City, Missouri.

    Racheal Lawler. Head Athletic Trainer.

    From the first time that I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Cluny, I knew that Advanced Exercise Equipment and Life Fitness/Hammer Strength were going to be awesome to work with now and in the future. Tim and his crew have been exceptional throughout the entire process. Hammer Strength and Life Fitness have enabled Lincoln University to step into the 21st century with premium and high quality equipment and are extremely thankful for the high quality customer service of Tim Cluny and Advanced Exercise Equipment.

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