For kids, summertime is like a giant recess. For adults, however, it can be a testing time to keep the little ones busy while also having full schedules of their own. Advanced Exercise has consultants that specialize in recreation center facilities in helping them design spaces that appeal to a wide range of users with varying experience levels.

If recreation means “something people do to relax… have fun… [or] activities done for enjoyment,”[1] then a recreation center is certainly a great place for a family to visit during the glorious summer months! Some states suffer excruciating heat, where even the outdoor pool is unsafe for extended periods of time due to the risk of sunburns. Playing in the pool also requires steady supervision at all times, which not all adults are able to provide.

Recreation centers, on the other hand, boast affordable – or sometimes free – classes that are perfect for children. Some even boast their own fitness centers as well as indoor or outdoor swimming pools with dedicated staff who can supervise the facilities. If your local community center possesses a fitness space, most likely they will offer group classes that are ideal for helping you tone up. These spaces will also commonly feature LifeFitness or Hammer Strength equipment, well-known name brands that you will recognize and frequently utilize. However, bear in mind that most fitness centers have a minimum age of 14 to 16 years old to even use the equipment.

As one of the nation’s leading commercial exercise equipment distributors, our representatives are the superstars that help your community center’s equipment stay up to date and looking great. They take the time to examine a location’s request for help. Some need assistance with straightforward equipment selection, while others need an entire redesign. When working on a particular layout, a consultant will take measurements of the area and get and understanding of the demographics using the facility as well as the type of training and programming the center wants to offer. They will then work to arrange where the exercise stations should be situated. Our representatives can also arrange equipment customization such as implementing the recreation center’s logo on the equipment and accessories.

While all of our company’s work is behind the scenes and therefore not known to the users of our exercise products, it still makes a great impact on them since our attention to detail considers every possible scenario and every potential user, such as you and your family. The next time you find yourself needing a summer escape, you should check out your neighborhood’s recreation center. You may be surprised at what you find!

The expert consultants at Advanced Exercise begin all their work with you in mind. When community centers reach out to us for commercial fitness equipment and layout solutions for recreation center facilities, we examine market demographics and integrate our extensive fitness know-how into your business – all to help you succeed! If your business requires some form of exercise-related updates, please reach out to us by using our contact form to find a representative near you.

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