Within the last few years, Advanced Exercise has partnered with two key cardiac therapy hospitals in the United States: the Arizona Heart Institute of Phoenix, Arizona and the Oklahoma Heart Hospital (South campus) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their facility managers reached out to our wellness solutions experts to inquire about commercial exercise equipment ideal for those who are conditioning themselves through physical therapy following a major cardiac event.

We jumped at the opportunities to help others excel in their mission to provide healthier lifestyle changes for their patients or clients. After hearing about the physical needs for these individuals, our commercial fitness equipment consultants were able to help the facility managers choose equipment that will provide assisted conditioning as well as personal resistance training for weak muscles.


We provided the South campus of the Oklahoma Heart Hospital a series of Life Fitness cardio machines, as well as conditioning equipment for assisted movement. To provide an equal opportunity for all potential patients, they also purchased Sci-Fit cardio equipment.  Sci-Fit products are unique in their adaptable equipment for those in wheelchairs or with certain physical disabilities. The clinical exercise physiologists for this particular heart hospital also stressed the importance of having available free weights, dumbbells and other conditioning equipment such as medicine balls for life-like movements such as pulling, pushing or even simple movements like getting out of a chair.

Here are some other fun facts about this Oklahoma facility:

  • Their Wellness Center is 5,600 square feet and is open to all employees and their family members
  • They have a wet and dry sauna in deluxe locker rooms that are complete with showers, lockers and get ready areas
  • They have the availability of two full-time personal trainers and can request massage therapy as well!
  • With programs like Fitness on Demand, they are also able to provide over 20 fitness classes during their extended wellness center hours


The Arizona Heart Hospital is also a notable mention because they are one of the nation’s top 100 cardiovascular hospitals! The fitness area size is smaller, but through careful selection of required commercial exercise equipment, the facility can assist several patients simultaneously in cardio conditioning area. They too selected a series of treadmills and bikes for cardio, as well as assisted-weight and free weight equipment for strengthening key areas.

Our wellness solutions go beyond cardiac recovery. Here are some other areas where commercial exercise equipment can help others recover from life-threatening situations:

  • addiction recovery
  • veteran hospitals
  • missing limb physical therapy facilities
  • treatment centers for cerebral palsy
  • multiple sclerosis fitness assistance
  • conditioning and delaying the effects of muscular dystrophy

Advanced Exercise is more than just a fitness equipment distributor for physical therapy. We care about each individual who will be interacting with the equipment because we believe every person’s story is powerful. Those who work in the medical profession to help others recover are heroes in our eyes, and we want to help them succeed at their jobs. If you would like to learn more how our consultants can help you, please fill out our online form for us to reach you!