Advanced Exercise overhauls the San Diego State University athletic center

San Diego State University Asks Advanced Exercise to Pull Off 11,500 Sq. Ft. Strength Equipment Overhaul

Congratulations to San Diego State University on their renovated athletic space! The athletics department from the Fowler Athletics Center reached out to two of our West Coast athletic performance specialists, Rick Barbee and Mike McNeese, for assistance in setting up their newest facility with new commercial fitness equipment.

The project was within the Fowler Athletics Center, most centrally in the strength facility. The space is massive at 11,500 square feet. The project was complex because, instead of simply expanding the area, we actually renovated the entire space to better meet its needs. Before we began the project, the school found that different athletic teams were unable to all use the space at the same time, despite the sheer size of the facility.

Strength training is very important to the Aztecs athletic teams at San Diego State University, and for good reason! Currently, both the volleyball and football teams are undefeated, winning games left and right. Rick and Mike were able to assess the former functionality of the space and come up with a strategy to improve that after the remodel, as well as help create several strength zones.

Hammer Strength zone at the San Diego State University athletic center

These areas allow many more students to access commercial strength fitness equipment at the same time. One of the solutions was to stack certain accessories vertically to save space on the floor.

What is the Consultation Process Like When Working with Advanced Exercise Experts?

Each of our athletic performance specialists operates with an always-available mentality. We understand that school officials are busy and may not be able to handle business calls or emails during regular school hours. When working with our specialists, responses are quick and courteous. Each of our specialists has a wealth of experience in the commercial fitness industry.

How Does Advanced Exercise Connect My School to the Right Commercial Fitness Equipment?

We have many relationships with leading vendors for commercial spaces. In fact, we are an authorized consultant and installer of many brand names like Life Fitness, HAMMER STRENGTH®, TRX, Ecore Athletic, and Troy Barbell. If these are the kinds of commercial fitness products that interest you, we will manage and arrange all product selection, equipment installation and maintenance training with your athletic department. It doesn’t matter if you are a community college, a non-profit school, a university, or a technical school. We can help you find the right fitness solutions for your faculty and students.

Check out our flipbook on the installation! Feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more about our commercial exercise equipment consulting services.