If you’re a leader for high school or collegiate sports, then you know that athletic talent is only one part of the equation. Your teams require thorough conditioning, ability to follow commands and teamwork to carry out your plans for victory. Your students, however, may still be learning the connection between physical ability, conditioning and fitness discipline. We value the work you do to teach your students far more than just the sport you lead and want to perform as your go-to choice with our fitness equipment consultants.

Equipment Training

Who can you rely on though? Where do you find your latest fitness trends? Have you considered your fitness equipment distributor? What you may not know is many sales consultants here at Advanced Exercise Equipment have extensive fitness industry experience. Some used to be (or continue to be) personal trainers. We’re confident that we understand the physiology and kinetics of the human body to ensure that you are using the best equipment possible for your students’ conditioning needs.

Like you, we follow fitness leaders such as Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, TRX Training and Nexersys. But we know this is not enough. You need someone that can explain how certain products can help develop strength training for weak muscles and power for on-the-field moves. Our sales consultants can inform you on the latest technology and personalize your equipment selection based on your students’ needs.

AEE's fitness consultants can customize your high school or college fitness center/weight room based on your students' needs.
AEE’s fitness consultants can customize your high school or college fitness center/weight room based on your students’ needs.

Keeping in close contact with your fitness expert can give you industry insight into which fitness accessory will provide the personal resistance conditioning your students require. It’s a total win for you because you’ll get a genuine fitness opinion specific to your sport.

You not only need someone to depend on for commercial fitness equipment selection and design layout. You need someone to train you on how to maintain the equipment to ensure it’ll keep its high quality for years to come. That is why we are so dedicated to each of our service offerings because we want to be a well-rounded distributor that you can trust and rely on.

We want you to stay on top of every fitness trend, so follow us on Twitter for fitness industry news and product focuses that will help you succeed as a coach or athletic director at your school!

Advanced Exercise is a provider of wellness solutions for a variety of markets including high schools, colleges and universities. We build relationships with athletic directors and coaches to ensure that your students get the best equipment possible for sports conditioning and strength development. Check out our portfolio of work we have done for high school weight rooms and college/university fitness centers! Get in touch with one of our fitness equipment consultants today!