Firefighters are heroes of the community; they risk their lives for other’s safety every single day and at Advanced Exercise Equipment, we give these heroes the utmost respect. Firefighter gear is very heavy and requires physical training for the wearer to be able to use the high-pressure hoses. Performing rescue efforts takes an emotional, physical and mental toll on the body, which is why exercise equipment for firefighter training often pushes bodies to their absolute physical limits.

Here are our top picks for the best commercial exercise equipment on the market today for first responders. Each of the highlighted resistance moves and equipment options target certain muscle groups. Exercise Moves that Mimic Firefighter Job ActionsPick the ones you need to condition the muscles most often used in firefighter training.

  • LINE PULL – This is a resistance movement in a pulling action to help the line lead.
  • CEILING BREACH and PULL – Use of a pole to push up on loose ceiling elements and pulling down on framing to investigate for fire extension.
  • AX WORK – Use of an ax to break down structures to make larger openings. Movement is over the head and with upper body work.
  • BODY DRAG – This is a pulling or carrying motion to get a victim out of harm’s way before the unstable structure collapses. There are plenty of moves you can do at foot level on the dual adjustable pulley.
  • HOSE DIRECTION – Steadying the hose nozzle with high-pressure water gushing out is most challenging for the shoulder, upper arms and back.

Physical training and performance can make or break new and seasoned firefighters. The commercial fitness exercise equipment for firefighter training found at Advanced Exercise Equipment can be installed in any firehouse. We love to provide our community heroes with high-performance equipment ideal for physical conditioning to further their firefighter training. If you would like to learn more about the exercise solutions for your crew, contact the sales representative in your area today!