Personal training offers a great one-on-one relationship between an experienced fitness expert and those who are working towards fitness goals. These fitness professionals are often available at a local fitness center, at a small business shop in a strip mall and even virtually with online programs like Fitness on Request, Skype and many others. What many do not realize is just how educated and well-rounded personal trainers are. Here is Advanced exercise’s guide for tools to help personal trainers succeed.


Here at Advanced Exercise, we understand what qualifications these individuals need to possess in order to help others achieve their fitness goals. When a personal trainer is ready to start handling clients, they typically have completed the following:

  • Education in physiology, nutrition, kinesiology and/or business management
  • Certification with personal training organizations such as the International Sports Sciences Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise or Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Training and job experience working with exercise equipment and body training
  • CPR certification

This type of education is important because every body shape and movement is different, and there is a dire need for understanding how other muscles interact with certain muscle groups for helping to achieve clients’ fitness goals. It is very important that their clients tell them about any injuries regardless of how old they are because it holds impact on how their goals are met. In a way of speaking, personal trainers are also occupational therapists with a minor in general psychology because they are exposed to a variety of limitations and personalities when they work one-on-one with a client.


Physical trainers often work with a variety of fitness methods and equipment. Because they are offering a service, they often work with commercial fitness equipment because of their construction, brand loyalty and other perks not available with home gym equipment. What makes commercial fitness equipment different than home gym equipment is simply that it is built to withstand heavy use. Commercial equipment also offers warranty coverage that home equipment may not offer.

Advanced Exercise Equipment takes distributing commercial exercise equipment to another level by offering additional services for our clients. We offer equipment placement assistance, keep track of your orders and install equipment once arrived, as well as after-care services including warranty-protected maintenance and servicing.

If you are a personal trainer looking for commercial fitness equipment, we offer a wide variety of Hammer Strength and Life Fitness products. Each individual may also have their own preference of whether they want to teach others to train on plate-loaded equipment, pulley or cable-assisted equipment or personal resistance products. We offer all of these items and more!

We invite you to talk to a representative one-on-one to learn more, so fill out our contact form to get connected today!