One of the biggest deciding factors for hotel selection these days heavily relies on whether a given location provides ample space to exercise. Whether it is a hotel fitness center or a resort fitness center, Advanced Exercise is proud to have worked with some of the most elite destinations that offer exceptional vacationing comfort. This month we would like to talk about what potential clients look for when they book overnight accommodation that features a dedicated fitness space.

Remember to Maintain, Maintain, Maintain
Just because your website or front desk attendants promote that your location offers a fitness space, make sure that the exercise equipment is up-to-date and properly maintained for your guests to use. If key pieces of cardio or selectorized strength equipment are out of order, it will result in unsatisfied vacationers.

Stay Current
What are the hottest exercise trends right now, and is your fitness space focused on them? Do research to find out what your clients are looking for. Are they interested in more group classes such as spin classes or Zumba, or are they looking for more of a traditional mixture of cardio and strength training equipment? Consider employing a full staff to assist your patrons or perhaps even offer high-tech virtual group classes!

What is Complimentary?
In the hospitality business, chances are you offer many things free of charge. Suggested free offerings for your fitness space include workout towels, reading materials, headphones, hand sanitation stations and logo-stamped water bottles. These are all potential value perks to encourage your customers to return as well as promoting your hotel or resort in the process.

Refueling Snacks
The latest commercial exercise areas will likely boast on-site protein shake stations as well as other refueling snacks. If this is not a viable option, consider Gatorade or Powerade vending machines to restore electrolytes. You could also create a space to sell fresh produce and protein-heavy snacks to promote local businesses. If you really want to impress, you could even offer post-workout massages or spa treatments.

Establish Rules
If you cannot afford to have fitness experts to oversee equipment usage and customer conduct at all times, you should post rules and conditions for guests who visit this area. These rules should outline the etiquette expected of every guest as well as stating the hours of operation, appropriate workout attire guidelines, time limits for each piece of work out apparatus and any age restrictions that may apply.

Outside Opportunities
Some people are vacationing because they want to explore and experience the community, so perhaps you could seek out fitness experts located in your area for some unique fitness opportunities. Is your hotel near an ocean? If so, consider a partnership with a scuba diving company. Is your hotel and hotel finess center near a ski lift? If so, ask a local business to offer your clients some skiing lessons. Important note: When patrons sign up for these opportunities through you, have them sign a participation agreement that waives your liability for any injuries sustained. This protects you and your business from potential lawsuits.

Vacations are not only for visiting families, but also for guests to relax and see and experience the sights and sounds of new places. If you are an elite vacation location with resort fitness center needs, you should always pride yourself on offering only the best in fitness opportunities for your guests!

Advanced Exercise has provided hotel fitness centers and resort fitness centers to many prestigious hotels and resorts over the past 25 years. We have had the pleasure to either update or create a fitness space for many recognizable locations, and we are dedicated to making the customer’s experience with fitness equipment an enjoyable one. If you want to make a stronger impact on your customer service rating, please call us at 1-800-520-1112 to discuss your fitness facility design options today!