In the most recent weeks, Advanced Exercise has dedicated blogs to the topics of stomach toning. The exploration through selectorized strength equipment and body resistance exercises were geared towards preparing you for the riskier, more advanced exercises today’s trends provide.

Your body’s limits and gradual strengthening in addition to proper breathing becomes a foundation for more intense exercise movements. Consulting your doctor is of utmost importance when considering trying new exercises or fads because they are trained to know more about your body. Their advice is paramount to you making modifications as necessary.

The kettlebell movement is one of the hottest trends right now. Kettlebells are weights that come with a handle protruding from the top of the weight. They are great for toning your arms. The majority of most exercises engage your abdominal core even when their intended toning area does not.

To help reduce the risk of overextension or injury, kettlebells are recommended to be used in a class environment where a trainer is present to ensure all participants are using the equipment properly. They come in weights ranging from 5 pounds to 60 pounds. Only graduate to using kettlebells if you are going to be assisted and trained on their use. Additionally, make sure you have an adequate padded foundation for any kettlebell-associated plyometric movements.

Medicine balls are another great accessory to abdominal toning. They come in increments ranging from 4 to 25 pounds. There are varieties of exercises you can do alone or with a partner. The following exercises are for solo-use in targeting all of your abdominal muscles:

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees
  2. Hold the ball above your head with extended arms, slightly bent at the elbows
  3. Do alternating twists and drop the ball slightly behind you
  4. Keep your back straight as you continue the opposite drops behind you

Another stomach toning movement you can do is a full-extension twist.

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees
  2. Hold the ball with both arms extended, slightly bent at the elbows
  3. You are going to keep your back straight and bring the ball down to your right knee and raise the ball to above your head on the left side. Note: the ball of your feet will twist slightly but try to keep the movement and  spine posture steady and straight
  4. Repeat for 15 repetitions before switching to the opposite leg for 15 repetitions
  5. Repeat this movement on both sides at least one more time

For the stomach toning floor exercises, these are both modifications of common abdominal crunches. Read the following instructions to intensify the well-known movement:

  1. Lay on the fitness mat with your knees bent and feet shoulder width apart
  2. Extend your arms above your head on the floor with the medicine ball in your hand
  3. Keep your elbows slightly bent and push your arms forward. You will feel your shoulder blades roll on the mat. Injury note: Do not bring your arms in front of your face. Keep your arms steady alongside your face
  4. Squeeze your abdominals by pulling them in as you inhale
  5. Repeat for desired repetition amount

Side to side open twist:

  1. Sit on mat and lean back
  2. Raise your legs off the ground with your knees bent
  3. With arms bent and medicine ball in hand, twist and tap the floor on both sides of your body
  4. Repeat for desired repetition and burn

To learn of additional stomach toning exercises you can do with a partner, contact your gym trainer or the experts at Advanced Exercise Equipment!

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