Summertime is typically when the majority of people decide to take a vacation, whether it is for cooler (or warmer) destinations, to visit family or friends or for the simple purpose of relaxation. While booking your travel accommodation, almost all hotels and resorts boast numerous amenities that may appeal to you. A leading commercial fitness equipment distributor who has worked with many prestigious locations throughout the past 25 years, Advanced Exercise, would like to share with you some great tips, so you can continue to stay in shape over summer break!

1. Ask for Details about Fitness Centers
Your destination’s fitness areas can either leave you hugely impressed or sadly disappointed. If you prefer a mix of strength training and cardio, be sure to inquire about the exercise equipment selection available to carry out your favorite personal work out routines.

2. Business Brand Recognition or Partnerships
Are you loyal to a certain brand of fitness equipment? Chances are some of the prestigious hotel chains, such as Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton or Hilton, have brand loyalties for their fitness centers too! Since these locations have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, you should find larger fitness spaces featuring a wide variety of cardio and strength training exercise equipment and noticeable equipment maintenance and upgrades.

3. Uncovering the Health and Fitness Focuses of Hotels and Resorts
Advertised or not, some locations will offer fitness-related programs outside of the facility. These types of bonuses are worth inquiring about! Do your research to determine whether staff or local businesses offer these opportunities. This keeps you aware of how to anticipate extra costs, clothing requirements, age restrictions, health waiver agreements and more.

4. Fitness Center Rules Are Not One-Size-Fits-All
No matter what location you go to, make sure you read and follow the rules before using your destination’s fitness center.

  • Most fitness locations have age restrictions, which is important for those traveling with little ones to take into account. If this is a concern for you, check with the facility about supervised childcare options!
  • There may be a strict dress code in a facility’s rules. Pay attention to fitness clothing and shoe restrictions.
  • Learn the rules in relation to personal technology devices. Did you know that some fitness locations will not allow you to exercise while using a cell phone? Depending on the type of work out, the facility oftentimes does not want to be liable for your personal belongings, including your cell phone or iPod.

5. Remember What Fuels Your Workout
When traveling, it is easy to get distracted by the numerous food and drink options available. Whenever you work out, remember to refuel your body with water, protein, fruits and vegetables. An unfamiliar location can affect how much of these nutrients you will need to stay healthy. For example, if you live in an area with a lower elevation, but your vacation is at a higher elevation, you may find yourself needing to drink water more frequently, and your breathing and endurance levels may vary compared to what you are used to at home.

Hotels and resorts nationwide offer some great amenities, and if you know their true value, it will make booking your vacation a faster and easier process.

Advanced Exercise has installed as well as updated many hotel and resort fitness centers in the states we service. Hope you enjoyed our summer vacation tips. Enjoy your summer stay and stay in shape over summer break!