Corporate Wellness Environment for MillennialsIt’s no secret that Californians have a high dedication to their fitness. In fact, in 2015, seven Southern California cities were ranked the fittest cities in America by the American College of Sports Medicine. Sunshine and fresh air weren’t the only contributors to this accomplishment, however. The workplace is playing an ever-increasingly important role in fitness. Along with the trend of moving away from cubicles in favor of more interactive office spaces, many companies also elect to participate in corporate wellness programs as another way to keep up with the fit, healthy lifestyles of their employees. Offering the opportunity to work out at the office is a good decision for management and employees alike with bonus fitness services: employees no longer need to commute to yet another place before going home for the day, and easy access to a fitness facility is linked to improved employee retention and morale.

Whether you are planning to buy new or used fitness equipment for your Southern California business, the key is to go with a local expert who knows the fitness industry and how to incorporate equipment into your existing space. When buying commercial exercise equipment from a big box store or direct from a manufacturer, many questions are left unanswered. This leads to insufficient space planning, hazardous workout spaces, and inadequate training for equipment maintenance.

Local fitness experts can also share the latest fitness trends and help you appeal to what your employees will appreciate most. Maybe it’s not just about fitness; maybe it’s about recreation altogether. They could simply be looking for ways to offset sitting for long periods of time at their desks. Here are some ideas to put your Southern California business at the forefront of exercise equipment and fitness trends:

  • Create a Lounge Space – This doesn’t have to be an incredibly large area. Opt to include a foosball, ping-pong or pool table. Playing a competitive sport that requires hand-to-eye coordination can increase blood flow, decrease stress, and increase creativity, potentially improving an employee’s ability to provide better solutions for clients.
  • Get the Heart Rate Up – Every corporate wellness program should include cardio. It’s best to buy commercial fitness equipment because it’s built to be used frequently by many different people of varying preferences. Aside from assisting in weight loss, cardio equipment increases the heart rate and blood flow, which are all beneficial in preventing a sedentary lifestyle. Rigorous exercise also allows people to work out frustrations or stress as they focus on a fitness goal or desired heart rate.
  • Take a Walk – Whenever you need to hash out details with your employees, invite them on a walk with you. Ecore has some great athletic support flooring that will fit in well at your office while providing you joint support for high-traffic areas. When you work with Advanced Exercise, you get exclusive access to multipurpose fitness flooring.
  • Raise Your Desk – Employees like options. Give them the option to sit or stand whenever they want with a sit to stand desk. In-Movement is a great brand of sit to stand desks that work seamlessly in office spaces. This type of versatility can be a trend-setting change for your business and others around you.

You can count on Advanced Exercise to help employees at your Southern California business stay fit. We have several local experts in the Southern California market, and they are all eager to meet with you and help you plan your corporate wellness program.