Are you an educational administrative official, physical education leader, or even the football coach who has been tasked with the weight room? Does your campus feature a weight room or a general fitness center? Summer is a month of great potential. The spring semester is wrapping up to a close, and senior students are graduating into the next level of their lives. Campuses often undergo much-needed upgrades, and summer is a wise time to consider to update school commercial fitness equipment!

What to Look For
Over time, your equipment is most likely showing increased wear and tear. Take a moment to reflect on the following symptoms of necessary equipment replacement:

  1. Is the upholstery on your machines torn or cracked?
  2. Are your cardio machines not working correctly and possibly a safety concern?
  3. Are your free weight machines old and wobbly?
  4. Do your students want interactive features that are only available with newer models?
  5. Are the cables and pulleys on your strength equipment stressed or compromised?
  6. Are there missing pieces of equipment due to theft or breakage?
  7. Are there constant mechanical issues, yet servicing the equipment is too expensive?

If you answered yes to more than one of the above questions, it is time to consider opening up your department’s budget to update some of your school commercial fitness equipment. Students are a prime market for fitness or weight rooms as they frequently use the equipment to keep in shape to reach their fitness goals throughout the year.

How to Customize
Campuses typically notice a spike in construction during the summer because there is less interference from daily activities in comparison to when school is in session. Summer is the perfect time to tap into the budget to spruce up your P.E. weight room or general campus fitness center. It is common for some high school or college/university campuses to even tie in upgrades using schools colors and even logo’s to help boost the sense of school pride

How to Ensure Awareness and Use of Investment
A school that features exercise equipment offers a highly effective way of drumming up campus awareness of the amenities available. The ways you can communicate to the community and reach out to individuals who would potentially utilize a fitness space includes your own campus social media and other media outlets. You could even make a health spirit week out of it! As far as return on investment is concerned, you would be justified in increasing room and board costs for the added amenities similarly to that of apartment complexes or hotels. Ultimately, it is an all-round positive upgrade for your campus, your staff, your students and your community as a whole.

Advanced Exercise carries a wide range of exercise equipment and accessories for school commercial fitness equipment, and our staff possesses years of combined experience in updating and improving fitness centers for most of the nation. If your school could use a more up-to-date layout design or selection of fitness equipment, please reach out to our enthusiastic staff today!