At Advanced Exercise, first responders have our utmost respect due to their dedication to make a difference in our communities, which is why we are committed to providing solutions to keep these men and women in the best shape possible. First responders have to be prepared for the physical demands of many situations, including car accidents, raging house fires and medical emergencies. In short, saving lives requires fit first responders. Advanced Exercise knows how first responders stay fit because we help facilitate the creation of their high performance facilities.

First Responders Fit Campaign

With the help of technology provided by Life Fitness, TRX, Hammer Strength, Core Stix and more, our commercial fitness equipment provides emergency officials the intense muscle training they need to mimic real on-the-job movements and muscle activation.

CoreStix - - Blog

Core Stix is one of our newest fitness technologies available to improve individual isometrics. The platform is space-saving and allows first responders to achieve a variety of movements. The flexible handles allow you to target muscle movements and perform physical actions similar to your daily job functions in order to increase mobility and strength. Check out what a fellow fire fighter had to say about the Core Stix training, and get a sneak peek at the functions she uses to mimic indoor rowing and various job functions.

RIP Trainer - - Blog

Long-time favorite strength training equipment manufacturer, TRX, has released the innovative and transportable Rip Trainer. While it looks simple, its asymmetrical bar is challenging as it fights anti-rotation and balance. Its endless anchor points allow you to have on-the-go energy system development or rotational conditioning. WATCH how the Rip trainer can work for your crew today!

Best-selling commercial exercise equipment manufacturer, Life Fitness, continues to provide stellar strength training equipment for any industry. For first responders specifically, we highly recommend the PowerMill, a high intensity stair climbing trainer, or the cable motion dual adjustable pulley (CMDAP) platform. Both deliver excellent results, but the CMDAP provides the most range of motion possible for singular or multi-plane movements with either isolation (one-joint) or compound (multi-joint) targeting. The CMDAP also comes available with accessories and storage options ideal for any fitness space size.

CMDAP training can help simulate fire fighter movements, such as the line pull, ceiling breach, ax work and even body drag. Adjustable weights on singular or double stacks allow you to isolate specific muscle groups or exert the same amount of energy for both your right and left muscle groups. For detailed movement options, check out this Life Fitness video!

More fitness equipment options are available at We invite you to stop in and browse our selection, or call for one-on-one assistance: 1.800.520.1112 x3!

As a fitness equipment distributor for more than 30 years, Advanced Exercise delivers real-life solutions for your emergency responders, proving we know how first responders stay fit. Get in touch with a representative in your area today!