Advanced exercises offers refurbished and used commercial fitness equipment options. Not all commercial fitness centers can afford brand new fitness equipment, and they shouldn’t have to! Refurbished exercise equipment is a cost-effective alternative for many fitness centers. While the word refurbished may bring thoughts of used, hand-me-down exercise equipment to mind, the opposite is actually the case.

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Manufacturers often offer incentives for major health clubs and fitness facilities to trade in their equipment for a brand new equipment after as little as a few years of use. This used equipment is then restored, with many critical components replaced, and sold at a much lower rate, benefiting smaller fitness centers and individual buyers that don’t have the resources to constantly buy brand new equipment.

At Advanced Exercise, we understand not every commercial fitness center can be outfitted with the latest models, nor do they all have the need for brand new equipment. This is why we provide used exercise equipment that still offers much of the same functionality without the high price tag.

Why you should buy used commercial gym equipment from Advanced Exercise:

We specialize in offering refurbished fitness equipment at a reduced cost with the same excellent customer service our buyers have come to expect from our sales representatives. We offer maintenance programs, product training and even financing on all our commercial new and used fitness equipment options.

Our sales consultants work with budgets of all sizes, and we can help you plan out a fitness center as small as 400-square feet to large, lofty community recreation center areas. Ask us about our special deals on used weight lifting or cardio equipment!

What brands does Advanced Exercise offer as used weight lifting or cardio equipment?

Brands, makes and models are always subject to availability and can vary at different times of the year and by location. It is safe to say that Advanced Exercise deals in some of the most popular brand names in the industry including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Precor, Cybex and many more.  Choose from highly-requested commercial fitness equipment, such as:

  • Life Fitness bikes, treadmills and ellipticals
  • Hammer Strength plate-loaded strength equipment
  • And much more!

What guarantee do you offer with refurbished fitness equipment?

Aadvanced exercise refurbished cardio or strength training equipment comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure your satisfaction (some restrictions apply). Your sales representative will be able tell you the origin of the equipment, the age, condition and what parts, if any, have been replaced. All of this is done to ensure you have full disclosure of the piece of equipment you are buying to make a good buying decision.

Talk to an Advanced Exercise representative in your area to learn more!