Have you heard of the Striking fitness movement incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT)? It combines boxing and martial art strikes to create a seriously intense workout. Nexersys, a commercial fitness equipment manufacturer, has released a new edition of software for their cardio equipment that will cater to all fitness enthusiasts including those of apartment complexes, corporate wellness centers, personal training studios and even your community recreation center with cutting-edge technology in fitness!

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While not new to our company, Nexersys began working with Advanced Exercise because they valued the reputation our company has. Nexersys CEO Terry Jones stated “Advanced Exercise Equipment is a Best in Class commercial dealer because of their stellar layout design team that considers innovative, outside the box approaches to providing fitness solutions for a wide variety of markets.”

Depending on what your fitness facility needs, Nexersys products may just be the answer! Our commercial exercise equipment representatives will assess your business’ market, their fitness interests and tailor your equipment selection based on that information. Nexersys’s software is cutting-edge technology in fitness and appeals to the intermediate and advanced fitness demographic including, but not limited to, athletes, cross fit junkies, boxing and MMA enthusiasts, as well as those who want to sharpen their mental clarity along with their physical ability.

Pictured here is one of the newest training tools available through Advanced Exercise from Nexersys. This interactive piece of technology records the number and intensity of strike impacts and provides detailed feedback after finishing the total-body workout! What sets Nexersys equipment apart from other fitness manufacturers is their unique software that acts as a personal trainer right in the equipment itself! With a world invested in apps and other technology that records movement, speed and fitness goals, there is a growing need for more interactive equipment that is not just pre-programmed workouts.

Commercial fitness facilities will love some of the newest upgrades to the Nexersys software packing including:

  • Leaderboard feature in the “Attract & Engage mode” shows the top 10 users
  • Usage stats for the past 52 weeks can be exported to a spreadsheet from USB port
  • Chinese and Spanish menus are available for administrators within the admin profile
  • Reintroducing Child Mode, which allows kids to effectively work out on Nexersys equipment by disabling certain top pads

With all of the interactive and engaging features that Nexersys offers to those desiring state of the art fitness as well as administrative features for managers of fitness facilities, we are reassured that as a Nexersys dealer, we are providing custom and tech-savvy fitness solutions to a wide variety of markets! If you would like to learn more about these products, contact your state’s Advanced Exercise Equipment representative today!

Advanced Exercise is a growing fitness dealer of commercial exercise equipment and provides cutting-edge technology in fitness. We now service 14 states throughout the U.S, and the fitness market continues to grow! We provide free custom consulting for your fitness needs. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our products and services!