It is time to face the holidays. You have been working so hard to maintain that beach body or to shape it for next beach season. Do. Not. Let. Yourself. Backslide! The holidays are the exercise enthusiast’s nemesis with all of its food temptations. Advanced Exercise recognizes the individualized diet and fitness efforts their product users plan to use throughout their fitness goals. It is impossible to give a generalized rule of thumb for eating tips for holiday feasts and parties. It is possible, though, to give some swap food tips and recommendations for moderating holiday foods.

Cinnamon Apples (or apple pie)
Apples are good low-calorie, fiber-filled snacks. Syrupy cinnamon apples are not. Create your own version of cinnamon apples by heating sliced apples and adding a cinnamon and natural sugar mix. The heat allows the mixture to stick to the apples, so you relish every bite. The main magic power of cinnamon is glucose moderation, which is helpful when being combined with apples since apples are naturally sweet. Optional additions: If you want to still have the pie crust crunch, use a diet-friendly cereal or granola to give you the bite without the unnecessary carbs and sugars. Another optional addition is lemon juice. Some like their apples tart, so adding the lemon juice helps sweet apples become tarter. 

Pumpkin Pie
Whip out that blender and make your own pureed pumpkin. Do not use canned pumpkin as it contains preservatives and additives. If pumpkins are hard to find, yams or sweet potatoes give you a similar flavor.

  1. Puree the desired gourd—feel free to add some cinnamon and nutmeg
  2. With either a blender or mixer, whip up heavy whipping cream with minimal amounts of natural sugar and flavoring such as pure almond or vanilla extract
  3. Fold in the pureed gourd with some of the homemade whipping cream and pour into ramekins
  4. Refrigerate and indulge when chilled

Holiday Meats
Protein is necessary for muscle growth. If you participate in strength training, then do have some holiday meats. You can also look for other protein-rich foods such as a variety of nuts and cheeses. Do keep it in moderation. Trim the fat. Garnish with herbs instead of hollandaise sauce, buttery or sugary concoctions.

Let the toasts begin! Holidays try to promote increased consumption of alcohol, but it is toxic to your weight loss goals. Alcohol dehydrates you first and foremost. Dehydration is not good for the muscles you worked so hard to tone. Alcohol also can be high in calories, carbohydrates and even sugar for mixed drinks. Drinking several drinks in one night, several nights or throughout the two month span of holiday parties is detrimental to your fitness goals.  Here are some tips for indulging in alcoholic drinks:

  1. Eat—do eat a light meal or several snacks if you know you are going to partake in a toast
  2. Follow each drink with 1-2 glasses of water to prevent dehydration
  3. Moderation—enjoy a drink or even two, but keep it minimal
  4. Assign a designated driver—your toned body could cause risky driving effects when tipsy

Lasting Tips

  • Moderation is your number one friend
  • Do not starve yourself or convince yourself that holiday treats are evil
  • Do not victimize yourself with bland foods
  • Garnish and flavor with organic materials, and you will enjoy tasting the holiday goodies

Working towards that beach body does not have to mean hibernating for the holiday feasts and parties. Be bold and educated in your food and drink selection, and your body will thank you for moderating holiday foods you consume.

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