While a fitness center is a great amenity to enhance your residential property, school or business, there are a few essential topics you will need to consider prior to ensure successful and safe operation. Fitness centers have hazards that you could potentially be liable for if you do not take the proper preventative actions. It is important to follow specific guidelines to make sure that you are providing a safe environment for your fitness center end users. Here’s our checklist for minimizing fitness center liability.

Ways to minimize your liabilities in a fitness center includes:

  • Hire Skilled Personal Trainers – Personal Trainers need to have accredited certifications and supporting education to ensure that correct training, safety and nutrition is delivered to your fitness facilities users.  Consider hiring experienced accredited trainers that span all age groups and populations.
  • Maintain Your Equipment – Follow all equipment guidelines when setting up your fitness center. Each machine must have proper clearance for the member to enter and exit the equipment to minimize the chances of trip-and-fall injuries. Regular inspection and preventative maintenance plans will allow the equipment to last longer, less downtime if the machine breaks down, and lower the chance that a member will hurt themselves if the equipment malfunctions while in use. Equipment should also be cleaned and sanitized frequently to prevent spread of bacteria.

Remember to have an ADA compliant and well-planned fitness center. Quality equipment is a necessary component of a successful gym. The best way to plan and build any exercise facility is to hire a knowledgeable fitness consultant like the regional representatives from Advanced Exercise Equipment. AEE is a top supplier of commercial grade fitness equipment representing the best brands and our consultants can provide free layout and design services for your company’s on-site exercise space or fitness center. We can recommend the best product portfolio of equipment to meet you and your client’s needs. Contact us today at 800-520-1112 or e-mail us via our website to find out more about how to create a quality fitness center to reduce the risk of liability today.