Fitness facilities today need virtual fitness training. Why? Online personal training programs are all the rage right now. Most classes deliver intense, effective cardio for all levels of fitness without the price tag of a personal trainer.

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When members decide to use your on-site fitness space, they are looking for commercial exercise equipment and training programs that will help them reach their fitness goals. People want equipment and workouts that simultaneously challenge and motivate them. How does a well-planned fitness facility meet these goals? Virtual training is quickly becoming the answer to that question.

Many Ask: What Is the Best Fitness Platform?

All virtual fitness platforms are designed to get people moving, so there are a number of really good ones out there.  At Advanced Exercise Equipment, we use WellBeats™ for its flexibility and user friendliness.

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Your local Advanced Exercise representative can help you install virtual training at your facility. We take a look at your existing fitness space to reconfigure it for the full-range of motion expected with these virtual fitness classes. When you choose to install this user-friendly fitness platform, you will taste victory and get your members excited to come into your facility again and again.

The beauty of these programs is flexibility. People can select individualized online personal training with a pre-recorded class. WellBeats™ offers fitness training programs for all fitness levels and even has programs designed for just men or just for women. Facility managers can also preschedule classes just like any other commercial gym to build steady regular attendance. Bonus: Classes are four to eight weeks in length, so schedule away for repeat business!

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To gain more insight on how flexible and user-friendly WellBeats™ is, we went to the source itself. Michelle Cook, Marketing Manager of WellBeats™, told us that their “Rev” format, which is geared towards performance studio cycling classes, is among their most popular training formats.  She also noted that what sets her company apart from others is their HIIT 20 minute classes. Small time frames need to pack a punch of efficient workouts to meet average fitness needs. WellBeats™ does that.

What Are the Variety of Classes Available with a Virtual Class Format?

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WellBeats™ has several classes broken down into these 13 categories:

  • Bar Strong – Endurance and strength training with use of bar weights; No breaks because classes are built with active recovery
  • Definitions – intense free weights use and movements designed to get muscle burn; some classes also use plyometrics for quick burn
  • eXpress – 20 minute HIIT classes designed for cardio, toning and scultping
  • Fit Test – Fitness tests to gauge progress from beginning day, three-month mark and six-month mark.
  • Fusion – Often a mixture of yoga and Pilates for sculpting and toning
  • KettlePower – Movements and weight training with kettlebells
  • Kinetics – HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with cardio and resistance circuits designed to get participants breathless with active recovery in between
  • Post Natal – Helping newborn mamas get back to pre-baby weight
  • Pregnancy Express – Back and core strengthening moves to help your body adjust to pregnancy
  • Rev – classes designed for performance group studio cycling
  • Stomp – cardio and resistance training with the use of steps for most core and leg burn
  • TKO – Incorporates HIIT, TKO and kickboxing moves for intense cardio
  • Transitions – uses an exercise ball along with yoga for core training
  • Vibe – elevates heart rate but keeps it mostly steady throughout class for cardio burn (without peaks and valleys)

Please note that there is an option available in all classes for users to select beginner, moderate or advanced trainers. Just look on the screen for modified movements for those with less experience with the range of movement.

What is the Most Popular Virtual Fitness Training Program for Men or Women?

Women often go for the Vibe or Fusion programs because they offer great movement and target key areas for training such as the glutes, abs, arms and rear end. Women and men alike both find great challenges with all Rev classes and Fusion’s “BisTrisCoreMore.” See a full list of classes WellBeats™ offers including newly released ones for this year! We encourage all users to read descriptions of what the classes will target to ensure it’s in alignment with their fitness level.

Let’s face it. You can’t afford full-time personal trainers on-site. There are affordable alternatives. Advanced Exercise is your expert for commercial fitness equipment. Sometimes that equipment is accessories and space to perform full range of movements with virtual fitness training. You will not be disappointed when you hire our representatives to help you maximize user benefits without the need for physical personal trainers on site! Get in touch with us today to learn more about WellBeats™ today!