Corporate Environment

Lack of corporate wellness and employee retention can cost your company more than just its best employees; it impacts the quality of your customer service, as well. It’s an epidemic that affects most businesses sooner or later, especially if employees feel discontent. When employees feel like they are not being challenged, engaged and appreciated, the whole company environment can change for the worse. The biggest disconnect is when you as a business owner feel as if you do, in fact, challenge, engage, and appreciate your employees. It all comes down to how you can boost their self-esteem in the workplace. It is possible that your employees are missing these cues or even feel insecure about their own contributions for the company and brand.

How can you as a business leader improve self-esteem and morale of your team?

Surprisingly, one answer is fitness, or rather, corporate wellness programs. A recent study shows fit employees have stronger self-image, positive attitude and feel stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. Imagine how much more engaged and unified your business and brand will be if your employees are more positive, both when communicating with each other and with clients. The answer could land you in the top 100 places to work for that year and increase employee retention.

Isn’t it expensive to start a workplace wellness program?

Corporate MeetingIt depends. Building a fitness center space inside your office can be pricey depending on your building’s size and your fitness equipment selection. Getting your employees engaged in fitness can be as simple as holding walking meetings. You can also try installing sit-to-stand adjustable desks, like these from InMovement, or encourage exercise balls as an alternative to chairs to provide stability and core workouts. Just getting up and moving more throughout the day can improve employee energy levels and morale. Make changes in the workplace to fight against sedentary lifestyles and create a more physically engaged environment. This can inspire your employees to make more personal fitness and wellness choices outside of the workplace.

Creating the ultimate company wellness program takes time and effort. An ideal employee wellness program will come complete with a deluxe fitness room, healthy snack bar and other wellness solutions. To pull this off, it’s best to meet with an experienced fitness equipment installer. Many people forget to consider lighting, ventilation and power sources for cardio equipment. It’s easy to overload a circuit, causing a fire hazard in the space, or set up a bunch of equipment stations with inadequate room in between for workouts. You need someone who understands how to use your space efficiently. Getting help from a commercial fitness design organization will address all these concerns and create a functional space that is safe and reliable for years to come.

No matter where you implement a corporate wellness program in your office, the real change will be in your employee retention. Some of the more noticeable benefits of employee wellness include an increase in concentration, better time management and increased engagement through customer service. Your employees themselves may even notice less muscle and joint strain from an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

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