American Fidelity Corporate Gym
American Fidelity fitness center in Oklahoma City, a corporate gym Advanced Exercise helped renovate and expand.

Many studies have shown that employees who are healthy and fit make better workers. Even in a job that consists more of mental exertion than physical labor, an employee’s performance will be helped by physical factors such as good nutrition, proper weight, toned muscles and a high level of cardiovascular fitness. We can increase employee health and increase corporate wealth by providing more for your business.

A fit workforce can have a big impact on a corporation’s bottom line by reducing health insurance costs, because employees who are healthy and in shape tend to suffer fewer acute illnesses and experience lower rates of chronic disease and injury. Improved workforce health leads to fewer and less costly claims, which results in insurance premiums decreasing (or at least rising less slowly!) for both the company and its employees. For larger corporations, these savings can be in the millions of dollars.

American companies obviously have come to recognize the importance of a healthy workforce – even in the current economic downturn corporate wellness and fitness programs as a rule are not only being kept, they are still being expanded. That’s because spending on employee fitness is a human resources investment that pays back in higher productivity and lower insurance costs.

The ultimate way for an employer to invest in corporate fitness is to build an on-site fitness facility. Giving employees the opportunity to work out right at the office before, after or during the workday, without having to make another opening in their busy schedules, is the easiest way to maximize the odds that they’ll get regular exercise.

Providing commercial exercise facilities makes the clearest statement possible that a company values its employees and their health, in a way that providing free or subsidized memberships at an off-site gym will not. Convenience is an all-important factor in determining whether or not someone exercises regularly. Statistics show that three times as many employees will use an on-site exercise facility as will take advantage of outside gym memberships.

In addition to the clear monetary payoff from boosting employee fitness, there are intangible benefits too. Research supports what employers know intuitively, namely that:

  • Fit employees are less stressed and have a better attitude towards work
  • Fit employees have better self-images and therefore are more confident than out-of-shape employees
  • Employees who learn to follow an exercise program also learn how to be focused and mentally disciplined in pursuit of a goal – a skill that is obviously useful in the corporate world
  • Employees who work out together have a greater sense of camaraderie and work together better as a team

In addition, employees and potential employees are likely to view an on-site exercise facility as a major way to improve employee health. The easy availability of exercise facilities at the work site can be a factor in retaining current employees and in attracting the best employees in the future.

The best way to plan and build any exercise facility is to hire a knowledgeable fitness consultant like the regional representatives from Advanced Exercise Equipment. AEE is a top supplier of commercial fitness equipment, including quality reconditioned used commercial fitness equipment. Our consultants can provide free layout and design services for your company’s on-site exercise space, and can recommend the best mix of equipment to serve your workforce and help them achieve their fitness goals. AEE distributes Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and other top brands of commercial exercise equipment in 11 Western states and southern Illinois. Contact us today at 800-520-1112 or e-mail us via our website to find out more about how to bring the benefits of a fit and healthy workforce to your company.