At Advanced Exercise we take pride when our work is unveiled to the public for the very first time. Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, our fitness equipment consultants help apartment communities create a must-have workout space that gets people talking! Many people have abandoned desires to purchase homes and are gravitating towards luxury full-service communities like Solana 3100 Pearl of Boulder, Colorado and Steele Creek of Denver, Colorado to attract more renters.

Many people rent to take advantage of amenities. Communities that offer amenities like golf courses and movie theaters encourage renters to build relationships. It also offers the opportunity to entertain visitors throughout the facility instead of just within their living quarters. Why pay for and maintain your own pool, fitness center, putting green, and even movie theater? In fact, the fitness center is one of the most popular amenities a community can offer. Not just any fitness center will do though. It has to include some of the most cutting edge commercial exercise equipment.

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luxury full-service communities

If you are seeking assistance in planning out your fitness space, don’t delay in talking with our experienced representatives. We work with all budgets and can help you revitalize your fitness centers with our used exercise gym equipment options too! You will not sacrifice quality with our used commercial gym equipment pieces because we have superb warranty options.

Whatever it is that you are in the market for, you will find excellent installation, servicing and warranty options with Advanced Exercise. We strive to make every multi-family housing community the “place to be” with excellent amenities that cannot be found anywhere else. Find a Representative  in your neighborhood today to help your project attract more renters!