Major vacation holidays are coming soon, and your fitness center is at risk of seeing a decline in attendance as well as attracting new fitness enthusiasts. Your business thrives on repeat attendance and referrals. Here are some tips from a leading commercial fitness equipment distributor to increase fitness center attendance:

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1. Replace outdated equipment. When products are no longer helping your customers achieve their fitness goals due to frequent need of maintenance, it may be a sign it’s time to replace it. You can potentially lose interest if you have key pieces of equipment out of order too often.

2. Offer incentives during low-attendance months. March and April are the beginning of those vacation months where many may be going out of town. Try holding fitness contests or partnering with a personal trainer to offer free personal training sessions for the months you often see a decline in attendance. People love fitness goals and seeing results. Personal trainers are excellent teachers of maximizing workouts for these goals!

3. Don’t forget the power of social media! Become advocates for your location with social media to promote events and encourage others with fitness motivation, wellness tips and even healthy eating recipes.

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4. Fitness centers are more than just a place to exercise. If your condo-style living facility offers a fitness center, show a vested interest in your residents’ overall wellness. Make a partnership with a local business that is health-oriented to educate your residents on other wellness solutions they can apply to their own lifestyles to further progress their fitness goals!

5. At your physical therapy or personal training facility, try offering free trial passes for friends and family to check out your commercial exercise facilities. This increases the likelihood for new potential clients.

Some have been successful with three-day passes, whereas others have extended the benefits to either week or month-long trial bases. Determine which is most beneficial to your new potential markets that will both educate them on what your facility offers as well as entice them to want to return for their own benefit!

6. Keep up with fitness trends! Pique your current and prospective clients’ interest with exciting new equipment built to deliver excellent results! Consult with an experienced commercial fitness sales representative to learn more about the latest products that will set your facility apart from your competition! There are more varieties of cardio machines offered by brands you love like Life Fitness and Nexersys. Also consider looking into Hammer Strength products, specially designed for muscle training and toning!

Advanced Exercise distributes commercial exercise equipment to a variety of industries including apartment and condo-style living, high schools, hotels, country clubs, universities and personal training facilities. We are here to help you succeed in delivering wellness solutions both in your peak season and not-so-great months. Learn more about our services today and increase fitness center attendance!