For many schools across the nation, cooler weather indicates the start Friday night football season, after-school volleyball, weekend Cross Country meets, and other sports. With so many athletic events in the fall, it’s no wonder that every school’s gym and weight room are packed to the brim with students working on weight training, cardio and other exercises. Here are our thoughts on how to engage students in campus fitness centers.

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High schools, community colleges and universities can benefit from offering a full-scale fitness center. It is time we teach our students the importance and advantages of using community fitness spaces for health improvement. In fact, according to a recent study, price deters 72 percent of today’s students from participating in a gym membership off campus, yet 88 percent of Millennials participate in some form of exercise.

Your campus gym can be a great place to offer a facility to stay fit. Advanced Exercise Equipment has representatives in 14 states throughout the USA to help athletic directors and coaches reinvest in their students with the right commercial exercise equipment necessary. This can include Life Fitness equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical machines for cardio, as well as Troy Barbell and Hammer Strength equipment designed for strength training. Not only are our representatives well-trained in equipment uses and age appropriate applications, but they can help you configure the equipment within your designated space, as well.

If you need help to engage students with your pre-existing or newly added fitness spaces, here are some ideas:

Equipment Vote Contest: Feature key pieces of cardio equipment and have students vote for the best platform to win a gift card. Currently Advanced Exercise Equipment is partnering with a community college to offer a $25 Starbucks gift card in a similar contest. Students love incentives, and once they’re in your fitness space, you can help encourage them to return after the event!Mustang High School Mustang OK

Create a Class Schedule: Use Fitness on Demand™ to offer cutting edge cardio classes without hiring personal training staff. Students love interactive classes where they can bring a buddy or two to participate for motivation and competition. Choose classes involving spin cycle bikes, total body workouts and personal training tutorials to help with form.

Instill School Pride: Customize your Life Fitness equipment and gym mats with your school’s colors and mascot. This option is available through Advanced Exercise. Just ask a sales representative for a quote!

Host a “Biggest Loser” Contest: Have students compete against each other to lose the most weight in a semester. Utilize your athletic staff to help monitor weight loss and offer strength training and cardio tips. Depending on your school’s rules, you may be able to offer a gift card or have each student put in a sum of money into a pool and whoever loses the most weight gets the grand total cash prize.

There are ways to drive more participation with your campus fitness center. Just think like your students and offer maintained commercial exercise equipment and incentives they can’t get elsewhere.

Advanced Exercise is dedicated to help campus athletic directors succeed in their roles and help engage students in campus fitness centers. Let us help you select and install the equipment today’s students need and will use for your campus fitness center. Get in touch with a representative in your area today!