Did you know that Advanced Exercise takes a vested interest in helping your Firefighters, Police Officers and EMT’s? Every time we approach a fitness center redesign or product selection, we choose solutions specifically designed to improve the physical demands of first responders with fitness initiatives.

If you were to think about your local firefighter or police officer, what types of fitness regimes do you think they do on a daily basis to keep in shape? Firefighters typically do a mixture of strength training for their backs, arms and shoulders in addition to running stairs to mimic their climbing and carrying actions. Police Officers and EMTs need to be fast on their feet, agile and strong. Their safety and lives depend on their body’s reaction to stress and unknown conditions.

When any first responder organization calls Advanced Exercise Equipment to help strategize their fitness center, we take into consideration the range of motions typically performed on the job. Our product selection process offers commercial exercise equipment that is designed to reach core job-required fitness levels. Regardless of industry or job functions, we always recommend strength training because it can improve your fundamental physical performance. After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the needs and areas that need to be improved on, we make recommendations to provide the following benefits:

  • Provision of opportunities to de-stress after a tough day
  • Encourage the improvement of strength, agility and endurance.
  • Reduce the potential for workman’s comp claims and ensure safety
  • Increase the likelihood to workout since everything is now “in-house”

Just like with any other job, we look at the designated space, the amount of potential users, the size of the proposed equipment and assist in the design layout to improve the overall efficiency and usability of each product. Did you know: if we assist with one location in an affiliated network, we often return to assist other locations in that same city or district shortly thereafter? Scottsdale Fire Department is one example. Within the past five years, we have assisted three separate Scottsdale locations! This just goes to show that our customer satisfaction rates, more often than not, travel via word-of-mouth.

We love working with training facilities too. The larger spaces allow us to highlight or encourage new technology to improve high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts in less time. With so many new products on the market, we are confident that we can make a difference in first responders’ lives. Talk to one of our representatives about the fitness center needs your fire or police departments require.

Advanced Exercise is honored to have worked with a variety of first responders with fitness initiatives. Knowing that you will be using our products in addition to how we can make a difference to your precincts brings us immense satisfaction. Our representatives are highly trained to work with every need, every objective and every space so, if you need recommendations on exercise equipment or product placements, please let us know today!