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What to Expect When Working with a Commercial Fitness Equipment Installer for Your High School or College Campus

We do a cartwheel every time a high school, college or university campus unveils a new fitness center for their students. It’s such a great opportunity for many to train for their extracurricular sports, manage their weight and start healthy habits. We work with a wide variety of commercial fitness applications, but our biggest renovations have been done with the help of athletic directors for high school weight rooms or community college/state university fitness arenas. If you’re new to renovating or adding a fitness space and are hearing about fitness equipment installs for the first time, here is a guide on how to get the best solutions for your needs. We also provide tips on what to expect as you take on a major fitness space renovation.

Getting in Touch with the Right People for a University Fitness Center Renovation

One of the questions you might be asking is where to start if you want to create or update your school’s fitness space. It works out to your school’s benefit to enlist the help of a commercial fitness equipment distributor. If you choose to buy direct from the manufacturer, most of the time you only get the products themselves – without the thought that goes into customizing the space for your needs.

Benedictine College KS cardio area - June 2016 1000 x 667You also want to work with someone who is experienced in delivering what you want. A fitness center is about more than just the fitness equipment within. It’s about creating a cohesive and safe space. For example, our experienced professionals look at a space with safety and functionality in mind. We consider the electricity capacity and work with an engineer to create more outlets and more circuit breakers for optimal energy usage. Too much electric usage in the same outlet or circuit breaker can blow out your circuits.

You want someone to help you maintain a safe and compliant space for ADA-requirements, but there are other benefits of hiring a professional, as well. Our professional distributors and installers offer a connection to a wide variety of vendors, such as flooring, mats, and cutting edge fitness technology. We also show you how to create transition space between workout areas.

If you are ready to take on a fitness center renovation, be prepared to work with a variety of people. As an athletic director, you need to gain school financial board approval, be in close contact with your fitness equipment distributor, school architects, and the coaching staff. You work together to create the best solution for your students and to improve your athletics department’s performance.

Are there any special considerations when designing a high school weight room?

When you design a high school weight room, you need to allow space for the range of movement of the weightlifter, as well as room for a spotter. You also need a heavy-duty flooring surface with great shock absorption for dropped or slammed weights. Mirrors are a must to watch form; allow enough space for at least three people to use their full range of motion in front of the mirrors, since this space is in high demand for use.

Is it a bad idea for a school district to buy used fitness equipment for a community college fitness center or weight room?

UCSD Iron Grip Use - advancedexerciseYou can buy used exercise equipment for your school’s fitness center or weight room. Just be mindful of purchase condition. It’s always better to go with certified used equipment because it passes the safety criteria for continued use. When you buy certified used fitness equipment, you can often still get a manufacturer’s warranty. Refurbished products are acceptable, but rarely come with any warranties or are covered by any existing plans.

Building a space to promote fitness at your school is a team effort. When finished, it provides your students the opportunity to stay fit and well during attendance at your high school, community college or university.

If you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch to learn more about the services we offer. We are an authorized Life Fitness and Hammer Strength commercial fitness equipment distributor and can educate you on the right fitness technology for your school’s fitness equipment installs. We have sales representatives in many states across the Midwest and Southwest U.S. Find one near you today!