Amenities for those living in an apartment complex or staying at a hotel are fantastic perks, and while some are surprising bonuses, others are expected. Multi-family communities often boast about a community pool, concierge service or even interior upgrades like granite counter tops of stainless steel appliances. Some newer amenities include outdoor kitchens and fire pits, rooftop lounges, bike parking and repair stations, and even dog washes and dog play areas. All of these amenities help promote a feeling of community and may seal the deal for those wanting to live in said community. Here’a our strategy for why you should add a fitness room to your amenity list.

Today the focus is exclusively related to multi-family community fitness rooms. When a property includes a fitness center as part of its amenity package, there are many factors involved in making sure they select the right equipment and have the correct layout based on their type of property and demographic. Some of these factors include:

  • Creating inviting workout spaces through thoughtful design and layout
  • Attention to current trends in fitness
  • Progression of commercial exercise equipment– from beginner to advanced
  • Good mix of equipment- something for everyone!
  • Open spaces for stretching and functional training
  • Utilizing technology to attract and maintain residents to the fitness center

Equipment spacing, accessibility and aisle spacing is of the utmost importance to individuals residing in the community, especially if some are using wheelchairs, crutches or walkers as a means to get around. Because each place of business is legally required to accommodate everyone, regardless of whether it is a sidewalk, fitness center aisle or a doorway, ADA-compliant walk spaces are a must.

In addition to the required ADA spacing, fitness center designs should allow for additional open space for stretching, functional training movements and even some basic and popular traditional exercises like jumping rope or callisthenic type exercises. Many manufacturers are addressing this trend of functional training by developing systems that allow for storage of all of the accessories and dedicated spaces for the movements.

Another factor that should be considered is the selection and implementation of strength equipment within the facility. Depending on the number of residents, square footage of the fitness center and the demographic, there are many choices in the area of strength. From individual selectorized machines, to dual exercise machines, to a simple and versatile functional training machine, this equipment can be combined with a free weight area to create a very comprehensive and functional strength training offering.

The use of technology within a fitness center can help attract new users and help ensure they are continuing to use the center on a regular basis. Some of the new cardiovascular machines allow users to work out while watching their own personal TV, browse the internet, play games or utilize health and fitness apps that fully integrate with the equipment. After working out, residents can share their workout results through social media or even with their personal trainer.

Additional fitness center amenities can include locker rooms and showers, secure personal compartments, water coolers and disinfectant spray for sanitizing equipment before and after use.

There are many other factors to consider when transforming a space into one designed for fitness. If this is something your multi-family community business could benefit from, seek commercial exercise equipment professionals for assistance today!

Advanced Exercise offers solutions for all types of commercial fitness facilities and has specialists in each state, that have the knowledge and experience to ensure your goals are being met. Our fitness layouts provide detail on every aspect of your fitness center including electrical requirements and placement, audio visual and data requirements and even flooring and lighting recommendations. Please fill out our contact form if you would like to begin the process of talking to one of our consultants and finding out how you can add a fitness room amenity to your property or business and begin promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle.