Fitness facilities across the nation are going digital with virtual training and fitness monitoring programs.

virtual training

It seems like everywhere you go today, fitness enthusiasts are wearing some form of fitness tracking device, whether it’s a Fitbit or similar device on their wrist, apps on their Android or iPhone phone or other wearable tracking devices.  It makes sense that fitness facility managers want to record the same type of data.

Your local Advanced Exercise fitness experts wants to help you gain insight into your users’ performance and areas for facility improvement, as well as make sure your facility can offer the best and hottest training options possible! Here are some options and advantages to going digital with virtual fitness facility programs:

Cuts Overhead Costs for Fitness Spaces

A virtual training program offers three trainers in one platform. Most programs come available with adjustable difficulty levels for people of all fitness levels. A flexible fitness program that can meet a variety of needs will reduce the costs of needing on-site personal trainers.

Makes the Use of Current Space

With a virtual fitness program, you can use your existing space for group or individual exercises. This means you can wait to tackle any space extensions until absolutely necessary. Designate an area of your fitness facility for virtual training classes where two or three individuals can carry out a full range of motions all around them. That’s all it takes!

WELLBEATS™, one of our virtual training providers, offers three convenient options to implement their programs into your facility, such as purchasing their branded platform and equipment, streaming their programs to your existing TVs and tablets, or buying their portable kiosk on wheels complete with speakers, a projector and mobile screens for a pop-up fitness experience.

Insight into User Performance and Program Use

You want to see a return when investing in commercial exercise equipment for your fitness space. With virtual training programs, you can see your member’s data and what programs they’re accessing. This helps you understand what people need from your fitness space. If most of the programs are cardio, then you will know that your users appreciate cardio group and exercise equipment the most. This is an opportunity for you to accommodate members with new equipment and options. If you find your users prefer a class format, then you can create a schedule for on-demand classes. Let the programs’ analytics do the work for you instead of you guessing what your members want.

How is Virtual Training Metrics Stored?

virtual trainingWith WELLBEATS™ can choose from a variety of studio servers based on the number of estimated users for your space. Think of the server space like a computer or mobile device’s hard drive: the more members you have, the more server space you will need for the complete analytics. Keep in mind, these analytics are key to the success and usability of your space! Advanced Exercise can assist you with any technical maintenance and servicing of WELLBEATS™ equipment.

Virtual fitness is suited for country clubs, multi-family living communities, hotels and resorts, high schools, colleges and universities and much more. Members of these types of businesses are looking for cutting edge and fast, deliverable solutions for their fitness goals. Your local Advanced Exercise consultant can help you discover what your customers want from their fitness center.

We value the hard work of personal trainers, but hiring personal trainers is not always an economical choice for your particular fitness space. Virtual training offers convenience on many levels. You save money and your members save them.  As long as they can sign in on their mobile device, your members can get right to their workout without waiting around for the next available trainer.

For a more detailed overview on how virtual fitness classes can work for your facility, talk with your Advanced Exercise fitness consultant today!