You have spent years establishing your business, building your reputation and creating an excellent place for your employees to call their second home. Company morale is a huge asset for you to have. At Advanced Exercise, we want to help you succeed in making your company the best place to work and help you retain employees!

Corporate wellness, while not a new concept, is definitely a growing trend among businesses that contributes toward employee retention by providing both a healthier and more productive work environment as well as showing an interest in employees’ intent to stay healthy! Any business – not just limited to major corporations –can request an on-site review and assessment of their current space as well as recommendations for a healthier workplace.


A fitness center within an office setting does not have to take up an incredible amount of space. Laura Emrich, one of our Commercial Fitness Equipment Consultants at Advanced Exercise Equipment, has seen firsthand how companies with little extra space can create a plan for a healthier work environment for their employees. We have transformed traditional workspaces into active workspaces in areas as small as 80 square feet to as large as 2,000 square feet!

Emrich recognizes the challenges many face daily. “We spend as much, if not more, time sitting at our desks at work than we do at home with our families. For many, the workday and personal life blend together so much that there often isn’t a distinct line between the two. The corporate workforce is begging for solutions to worksite wellness to help engage their employees and to keep them productive and focused on the job during these long days,” she said.

What many do not know, however, is that limited space businesses do have some unconventional solutions to increasing productivity and catering to fitness. While cardio equipment is still the number one go-to for any business selecting commercial exercise equipment, there are other great examples of unconventional fitness solutions that save space and help employees with their health to retain employees. Here are some examples:

  • Swap out office chairs with physioballs
  • Select innovative technology such as treadmill or spin cycle desks
  • Install TRX straps in doorways for individualized resistance strength training

The traditional fitness center can also be just as effective for your business! We have worked with a large variety of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies like Devon Energy, to smaller companies with as few as 25 employees, creating an onsite fitness space that promotes a positive work environment and culture.

Planning a business fitness area starts with our employee assessment that you can distribute to your employees as an anonymous survey. This helps us to understand the employees who will be using this space to help generate an effective ratio of equipment to benefit everyone. Your Advanced Exercise fitness equipment consultant will also be asking you a slew of questions to help understand what the business’s objective is, how your employees will react and how you will help towards promoting the use of a fitness space upon completion!

As always, we provide space evaluations and design using our 2D and 3D design programs that include everything from window placement, lighting suggestions, audio/visual entertainment options as well as a large variety of flooring options. We will also assist in selecting your commercial fitness equipment for this space as well as placing the orders for you, keeping track of the orders with our vendors, providing delivery and installation services and extending excellent customer service to equipment after-care including maintenance, servicing and even warranty services as needed.


Emrich also adds, “I feel like if you’re not asking us the unique or unusual questions in return, it may lead to a fitness center that is not as utilized as you would hope it to be. For example, if you are in charge of creating the fitness center, but don’t ask about how to incorporate group fitness classes because you assume you don’t have the space to do so, you may be missing a great opportunity for employee engagement.” Go ahead and ask us because we find ways to incorporate fitness and wellness solutions into whatever spaces we are offered – which helps retain employees!

Advanced Exercise is a leading consultation company offering wellness solutions to businesses to 14 states throughout the United States. Our lines of commercial fitness equipment include the well-known Life Fitness, NEXERSYS and Hammer Strength! Come see why Adobe and other well-known companies count on us to deliver excellent workplace solutions that improve moral and productivity, while reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs.