One of the most important skills of a commercial exercise equipment distributor is being able to work with a variety of fitness and conditioning facilities and diverse market segments. When we were asked to assist the Las Vegas Excalibur in selecting new equipment and layout assistance, we knew we would be would be recommending solutions for that wide variety of guests at the hotel. Each facility we design is planned with the demographics of exercisers or athletes, trends, space and goals of the client.

Advanced Exercise specializes in working in a variety of non-health club markets from college recreation centers, athletic performance training facilities to resort fitness centers. There is a very diverse population of people that each of these facilities accommodate. Our consulting and planning take all of these factors into consideration as we recommend the equipment and facility design.

Below are a few examples of product considerations for different industries:

Physical Therapy and Medical Facilities

  • Selectorized strength equipment
  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • ADAcompliant equipment

Colleges & Universities

  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • Free weights and dumbbells
  • Selectorized strength equipment
  • Body weight resistance equipment and accessories

Hotels & Resorts

  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • Selectorized strength equipment
  • ADA compliant equipment
  • Stretching mats

How does the process of providing recommendations evolve?

When we first meet with a business to discuss their fitness or training facility, the Advanced Exercise Equipment Consultant’s main objectives are to identify the goals and objectives of the client and details about the demographics of the users and the facility. Below is some of the necessary information:

  1. Building plans and scope of work
  2. Staffing and management of the facility
  3. User base (potential fitness levels and age ranges)
  4. Communicating current and relevant equipment and trends such as some found in January’s blogs

One of the next steps is designing the facility and providing CAD and 3D drawings to help the client visualize the space. After all, most people respond to visual cues than verbal ones. After the client selects our company as their fitness provider, then additional services we provide include:

  • Product selection
  • Outline the project work flow
  • Delivery and installation
  • Product training and education
  • Open house & grand opening events
  • Service and maintenance programs

The Excalibur in Las Vegas recently utilized our expertise to help them upgrade their current fitness center for their guests. The hotel has relied on us for providing consulting and equipment for many years, so when it came time to update the fitness center, they reached out to us once again. One of the more recent trends to provide personal TV’s on the treadmills and cardiovascular equipment has now moved to providing more entertainment and personal workout tracking features on the equipment. The latest products by Life Fitness include the Discover Series cardio products that include a touch screen tablet that is also a personal TV. The product can be internet connected to provide a host of features for both the exerciser and the facility.

Exercisers have the ability to connect and play content from their mobile devices (Apple and Android) onto the console as well as watch TV, movies, play games and use various exercise apps. They can customize, track and share their workouts with friends via the LF Connect cloud based application.

Facilities have the ability to customize commercial exercise equipment including special fitness center attract screen images, interchangeable and updated promotional messages and create custom workouts for guests as well as track the statistics of each piece equipment. The products are constantly updated with new features through Life Fitness’s software updates. The most recent update included enabling Bluetooth, which is great for use with wireless headphones, and the ability to stream from common apps such as Netflix and Hulu as well as HBO Go.

Commercial fitness centers continue to be a great investment to retain guests and residents, provide employees a healthy lifestyle and allow businesses to be competitive with a valued amenity.

Advanced Exercise is one of the nation’s premier fitness equipment distributors. Our services include facility consultation, layout and design, equipment selection, product training, service and preventative maintenance. If your business can benefit from providing a fitness center, contact one of our consultants today!