Owasso, Oklahoma

A big challenge for many High School facilities is a lack of space. New Rejoice High School asked us to incorporate as many racks and platforms as possible while maintaining the flow and functionality of the room. Safety is also a big consideration in high school weight rooms, so we needed to ensure that we were providing enough lifting space for each student or athlete. We achieved this by installing Hammer Strength HD Elite Half Racks that included band, bar, and plate storage as well as PLAE inlaid platforms. Unlike older style wood platforms, the inlaid platforms provide a flush lifting zone allowing the coach to roll back the bars and use the platforms as functional space when they are not in use. Using PLAE flooring with agility ladders and dot drills integrated right into the floor was also a huge benefit. The way we maximized the floor space left the room feeling open and functional with the ability to still warm up and stretch.