New Year’s Day 2014 is fast approaching, and gyms across the nation are expecting record membership enrollments in the coming weeks. If you are part of the group who is beating the crowd by working on strengthening and toning your body throughout the holiday season and would love Body Resistance Ab Exercises, then this blog is for you!

Last week, the focus was on easy to intermediate level selectorized strength equipment for engaging your abdominal muscles. Muscle confusion through new movements targets different parts of the muscle and contributes towards its toning. This week, the focus will be on body resistance. Before continuing further with advanced range of motion, consult your doctor to prevent or reduce any potential health risks.

Some people prefer to use their own body resistance without the assistance of pulleys or additional weights. When using a pulley-assisted machine, you are only engaging in a forwards and backwards motion. Using a free-form movement could potentially engage more angles for additional toning. It also trains you on balance. Be careful to not strain muscles beyond their capacity.

If you want to try to do leg raises, you have two options for free-form leg raises.

Life Fitness has a frame that you can use for support while doing leg raises. Leg raises engage your abdominal core, especially your lower abdominals.

  1. Stand with your legs apart on the provided foot stands and grip the padded hand bars
  2. Move your legs to between the stands
  3. Flex your feet and keep your knees together
  4. Breathe out as you push your legs up towards the ceiling
  5. Breathe in as you bring your legs back to the starting position
  6. Repeat until you reach your total amount of reps

When using an exercise ball, the big blown up balls that you can sit on, you can do a reverse leg raise.

  1. Lay with your back flat on the ball
  2. Extend your legs together to a vertical position where your feet are flexed, meaning parallel to the ceiling
  3. Pull your legs down until they are horizontal with the ground and returning to beginning position.
  4. Remember to breathe out as you push your legs towards the floor level and breathe in as you return to starting position

Take some time this week to become more familiar with this range of motion. Be prepared for sore muscles, because these exercises will challenge you. The blog next week will explore the modern trend of free-weight abdominal toning such as kettlebells and medicine balls.

If you have any questions or concerns about your equipment, feel free to contact Advanced Exercise Equipment. Our associates are well-trained to assist you!

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