At Advanced Exercise, we serve the newest and most in-demand market in the fitness industry today. Our biggest markets include multifamily properties, corporate wellness in business complexes and educational facilities, all of which have longtime gym attendees as well as those who are new to the fitness environment and using commercial gym equipment.

Life Fitness and HAMMER STRENGTH® lines of commercial gym equipment are in high demand because they are easy to use and easily customizable for each individual’s needs. It can be easy to forget that after an installation is complete, there are going to be both new and seasoned members using the equipment.  So we decided to make a handy guide for those who are new to using the gym environment. We want to address their concerns regarding what to use and how it would benefit them. Here you will find the name of each popular commercial exercise equipment platform and which muscle groups each one targets. This should help newcomers transition into their workout routine relatively easily.

Beginner's Guide to Commerical Gym Equipment by Advanced Exercise

If you are a newcomer to the gym, you will love these fitness machines. For those interested in trying them, here are a few tips:

  • Be careful with the weight stack selection. Be aware of what you can realistically lift and don’t try to lift too much or you risk injury.

To adjust the weight stack, pull the metal pin out of its position in the weight and insert it in the desired plate for the appropriate weight load. Tug on the equipment slightly to test if it will be too heavy or light for your needs before committing.

  • You can also adjust the seat and back for most of the pieces of pulley-weight machines. Some operate with a twist turn knob, and others are a smooth knob.

For the smooth knob platforms, you will often see numbers or pin holes indicating the height/depth options available. Use one hand to pull the knob out and lift or push the seat with the other hand until it is at the height or depth you prefer. The knob pin will lock back in place once you release it.

  • Come prepared with a hand towel or wash cloth to wipe down equipment as necessary. Most gyms have cleaning solutions for members to use to help sanitize equipment after use. This is less of a safety issue and more in line with gym etiquette. You don’t want to lie or sit in someone else’s sweat, so be courteous and wipe down the bench when you’re finished!

Joining a gym is an exciting time but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for you. Advanced Exercise provides commercial exercise equipment solutions to many markets throughout 14 states and we have been a leading resource for more than 25 years. If you have any questions about Life Fitness, HAMMER STRENGTH®, or any other commercial gym equipment, feel free to get in touch with a rep near you. We’d love to help you out!