It’s almost time for 2016, and your fitness center will probably see a large influx of new users soon with the upcoming New Year’s resolutions. Advanced Exercise wants you to be ready now by offering unique fitness solutions that will refresh your fitness center and help energize current and prospective users. We are excited to announce new partnerships, as well as great new commercial exercise equipment and products ideal for every type of fitness center, including personal training studios and corporate wellness spaces. Read our guide that includes our favorite 6 small purchases for a big fitness center!

Fitness on Demand

If your fitness space is limited on space or staff to lead classes, Fitness on Demand delivers a great virtual solution. Here you can choose from hundreds of pre-recorded exercise classes led by real trainers that will keep your members challenged as they work through HIIT movements and personal resistance. You will have 24/7 access to fitness classes, and the kiosk is so easy to use, your users can choose exactly what they need at the time they need it!


One cross body trainer machine is all you need to generate community interest. When you combine Nexersys technology with an intuitive piece of commercial fitness equipment, you create a cardio and HIIT platform that is even more in tune with each user through tracking their strikes, cardio levels and much more. The punch pads fit appropriately in place for fist, elbow and knee jerks. The height is adjustable, and the 21-inch HD monitor helps you see your cardio progress and where you are getting the most burn and definition. Many people say that it’s not only a fun piece of equipment, but it delivers a total body workout that is worthy of leading boxing champions and the everyday office worker!

Dynamic Fitness

Perhaps your fitness center just needs upgraded free weight racks. Advanced Exercise Equipment has you covered there, too! Even if you are not purchasing new fitness equipment or weights, you will find storage even more efficient with American-made weight racks and rigs. Dynamic Fitness and Strength also has heavy duty equipment for the strictest of personal trainers with power sleds and rigs that challenge personal resistance and strength. Get tough, then get efficient with the many options available!


Resistance bands are no longer just flimsy pieces of rubber and synthetic materials. If your exercise facility needs new exercise bands, you have many more custom bands to choose from including 72-inch power bands, loop bands, high-performance slapping bands, wrist cuff bands, and much, much more! There are even options to promote group exercise with Stroops bands. Adding these to your fitness arsenal is sure to meet the need for resistance and total body toning!


There are plenty of options for Wellness Mats, but our company works with WellnessMats because they are American-made and engineered for shock absorption. In fact, they are certified for fitness and other uses by American Podiatric Medical Association, as well as the leading chiropractic association. These are used throughout many industries including TSA checkpoints, standing office desks, the kitchen, and, of course, for yoga and other wellness. Fight muscle fatigue with a comfortable and ADA-compliant mat!


Never underestimate the power of branding and fitness stations with the simple use of fitness graphics. FitGraphix can help you showcase your high impact. You can use FitGraphix to show off your school spirit with the school’s mascot on flooring and equipment, and you can also label HIIT zones to make it easy for your users to achieve total body workout in less than 30 minutes!

We hope you liked our ideas for 6 small purchases for a big fitness center. Simple changes to your fitness center can not only give it a totally new look that appeals to prospective users, but it can re-energize your current users, as well. We want to help you not only attract but retain these interested individuals! For a free fitness center evaluation, or to chat about options that could enhance your facility, please contact your Advanced Exercise Equipment sales representative. All inquiries can also be sent through our contact form.