Have you heard? New Year’s Resolutions have been moved to Thanksgiving weekend! With some of the biggest holiday shopping weekends near, fitness equipment retailers across the nation are preparing for some of their most impressive deals of the year. Most people, however, wait until after the holidays to purchase new or used exercise equipment. When is really the wisest time to buy? Here are 4 tips to Buying Exercise Equipment!

Pushing resolutions and exercise equipment buying forward up to Thanksgiving weekend could save you more money than the New Year’s resolutions sales! You as a buyer need to know some important information.

Do NOT Believe the Claims
Buying the equipment does not make you slimmer and does not promise to solely target your problem areas. Fitness spot reducing does not exist. You still have work and effort to put into it. It is recommended to consult a physician before undergoing a new exercise routine. Did You Know: Being active ahead of your purchase gives you the power to know what equipment is best for you? There are many great exercise products available, but yours should be one that works well with your body, condition and goals as well as something that you are likely to use on a regular basis.

Know Your Budget
It is easy to get swept up by deals, accessories or new clothing. Know your budget ahead of time to keep focused on the bottom line. Be aware of ALL the numbers associated with the purchase. The following reflects what to look for:

  • Shipping or delivery charges
  • Installation availability and cost
  • Financing time frame, interest rate and payment schedule
  • State tax
  • Extended warranty options
  • Servicing costs (locations and price ranges)
  • Comparable products, same brand or model at other retailers

Did You Know: Some warranties are only for immediate repairs or replacement? Extended warranties give you peace of mind in your investment for a longer term.

Read Reviews
If possible, read reviews for the exact model and brand at several retailers. This gives a total picture of the product’s quality, life expectancy and value for you. Fitness equipment is an investment in your health. Take the time to research like it is new medicine or doctor that can help health-wise. Extra Tip: Explore all types of reviews from product or company raves to complaints or problems. Take a look at how the product and company performs and responds to both positives and negatives.

Know the Equipment
Maybe you are dead set on this particular model because you have physically used it at a friend’s house or at your local gym. Model upgrades can also be helpful if you know you already like the brand but in an older model. If you are new to gym equipment, get familiar with the different brands and models by trying them out at the store, gym or a friend’s house. At the very least, read the product and manufacturer reviews on a variety of websites. Extra Tip: Look for the following information:

  • Pay attention to the bio mechanics—how the machine fits your body and how it feels to use. If it does not fit or does not feel good to you, then you will not likely use the equipment.
  • Look for ease of use—how easy is it to set up? Are you able to make adjustments quickly and conveniently?
  • Look for safety features such as auto-stop triggers, grab bars and protective features.
  • Maintenance or repairs—be prepared for any maintenance or repairs. Know where and how to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Does the seller provide this service for you?

Exercise equipment is a continual investment in you as long as you put the effort into using it regularly. You do not want any regrets, so be as informed as possible. Take the time to prepare before the generic New Year’s Resolutions or get a head-start with holiday specials!

Advanced Exercise distributes both new and used exercise equipment for both personal and commercial use. Our products are high-quality and used in fitness centers and home gyms around the world. We assist with training, installing and servicing. We can also provide fitness room design and consulting as a complimentary service. Contact our representatives for more information!

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