As 2014 resolutions to improve health and fitness take hold, fitness centers see increased participation at the beginning of the year. If your facility is working hard to accommodate the upward surge in new participants, we have compiled a must-have product list that will jumpstart your 2014! Today, the remainder of the list includes numerous products that are sure to encourage your new and established exercisers to challenge their physical and mental well-being in the new year! Jumpstart your gym today!

Fitness on Request
Does your facility have limited group fitness instructors? Do you have groups desiring classes during non-peak hours that require an instructor? This system features recorded accredited fitness instructor-led training sessions with exclusive content, viewing screen, speakers and projector. A wide variety of classes can attend 24/7 and do not require a live instructor.  You will also have access to report participation data and allow social media interaction with your members.

Does your gym currently feature LifeFitness’ Elevation series? DiSCOVER SE is the interactive tablet with access to LFconnect, which allows your users to create personalized workouts, and it boasts full customization and accessibility through both Android and Apple devices.

The Core Bench offered by ViCORE looks like a strange contraption, but its revolutionary soft training surface area maximizes your training sessions and creates a hugely effective full-body workout.

The HD Elite is a redesigned rack line that offers innovative and customizable workout experiences. It allows for a stronger framework that compensates for heavy-duty workouts and multifunctional usage. Both advanced and beginner users will enjoy the cross training capabilities and body weight exercises HD Elite provides.

Rubber flooring provides optimal shock absorbency, which is crucial for any weight and free standing cardio session. As such, a user’s joints will thank you for providing a soft yet sturdy floor surface. The interlocking capabilities and recycled rubber composition lend to simple installation and maintenance ease, as well as being economically sound by helping you gain LEED points.

Troy® Barbell and Fitness
Your free weights are more than likely the most popular area within your fitness facility. Keep your selection up-to-date with newer options that boast increased comfort and safety. 

First Degree Fitness
Check out the rowing machine available from the Vortex series! USB connectivity and variable fluid resistance are just two of the features of this redesigned commercial rowing machine.

Some of the fitness center equipment mentioned in this 2-part list may pique your interest, and you can invest in some of these must-have pieces in 2014. All of your 2014 enthusiasts will thank you for offering them innovative apparatus in keeping with recent fitness trends. Stay informed by contacting a fitness equipment specialist today!

Advanced Exercise is a leading exercise equipment distributor that supplies a large selection of top of the line fitness industry products. We also offer assistance with facility layout design, installation provision, product training, and equipment servicing. Regardless of the size of your fitness center, allow us to help you become the central hub of your community – jumpstart your gym today! Please feel free to contact us today and talk to one of our experts for more information