The New Year’s celebrations have come and gone, and suddenly New Year’s resolutions are through the roof! Many are flocking to their favorite fitness center in an effort to lose weight and look more toned and trimmed. Unfortunately, many facilities do not possess up-to-date equipment that can effectively keep up with recent fitness trends and jumpstart your gym.

  • Is your gym prepared to accommodate for kickboxing or spin cycle classes?
  • Is some of your equipment showing wear and tear?
  • Do you have adequate flooring for stretching and plyometrics?
  • Do you feel the need to add moreADAcompliant equipment for your disabled users?

Advanced Exercise Equipment would like to recommend 14 new or revised products guaranteed to jumpstart your gym in 2014! Because this list is a little on the long side, we are covering half of the products now, and our next blog post in two week’s time will continue this topic.

Synrgy360 is a LifeFitness product designed exclusively to allow multiple users to get an innovative functional all body movement-based workout. The equipment comes in a variety of sizes that target different movements, which is perfect for both large and small spaces.

This group cycle bike was exclusively made for frequent use, such as spin cycle classes, and has been designed to fit more comfortably.

StepOne, the newest innovation from SciFit, rolls out their new recumbent stepper this year! This is a great addition to any fitness center that seeks to increase their ADA compliant equipment resources. Disabled users will love the direct wheelchair access, the initial low resistance and adjustability for ease of use

This up and coming company offers great new equipment that looks like it will assist with solo kickboxing training, but, in reality, this is an extreme cardio, high intensity interval training (HIIT) machine!

Power up your plyometric jumps with SPRI’s new Step360 Pro! The platform is sturdy while its lower parts are independently inflated by air chambers. Watch the height and degree change with this innovative piece of equipment. A great compliment to your functional training routine!

This company has created a rope-climbing simulator with the V250 Rope Trainer. Challenge your users’ upper body strength with this well-constructed piece of gear. A considerable bonus is that this apparatus adds to your selection of ADA compliant equipment!

Check out this MultiMount pull-up extraordinaire! Looking a little like a set of stainless steel monkey bars, you can install them to any wall for pull-ups. You can also hook up TRX’s Suspension Trainers (rubber bands) for an extensive body resistance upper body workout.

Replacing your old and tired equipment with new innovations will effortlessly boost the energy of your facility. Be prepared to challenge your fitness facility users, which is what they want from you!

Located throughout the Southwest, Advanced Exercise Equipment offers a vast selection of equipment and accessories that are bound to create full-body workouts. Let our knowledgeable fitness equipment experts help maximize your 2014 potential by scheduling a free fitness center evaluation today.