The Buzz Over Indoor Fitness Bikes – What’s Best for You?

The continued merging of technology apps with fitness equipment has given birth to a new generation of indoor fitness bikes that are currently the talk of the town. You can interact with thousands of virtual courses and classes from recognizable names like Schwinn, Lemond, Life Fitness and others. It seems like you can’t turn on […]

Working Out Outside – Your Equipment Can Meet You There!

During the summer months, the outdoors becomes an ideal place to continue your fitness routine while taking in some fresh air and sunshine. Baseball diamonds fill up, soccer fields are overflowing, and trails become crowded with runners and bikers. If those aren’t quite your “thing” take heart, as there are other ways to enjoy outdoor […]

An Investment in Service: Why It Matters, and What It’s Worth

  In today’s on-demand world, it seems so easy to ask Google to find whatever you need, and more often than not Amazon Prime will put it on your doorstep in two days’ time. When you’re planning big projects, the complexity rises exponentially but the expectations are very much the same. When you’re managing a […]

Creating an Active Movement Office Environment Attracts Key Players

Keeping employees happy and engaged is more important now than ever. After all, it is far more challenging and expensive to replace workers than it is to develop existing ones. Happier employees are more productive, which helps businesses stay profitable. If you’re in charge of leasing office space, take note. Employees are happier and more […]

Fitness Space Makeovers – Designs that Make a World of Difference

Transforming a space from one thing to something completely different is a much more detailed process than it might seem. With complex electronics to deal with, precise space requirements for exercising patrons, and industrial strength equipment to manage, you can’t simply “rearrange the furniture” like you would in your living room. From campuses and corporations […]

Schools Plan Ahead for Stronger 2017-2018 with Fitness Updates

School athletic departments across the nation are feeling the pinch with limited fitness spaces, tight budgets and fitness equipment needing to be replaced yet again. Despite the challenges, it is important to provide adequate fitness training for students.  If your school’s athletic department is dedicated to providing the best for your students, but has limited […]

Precision Matters

Merging Exercise Advancements with Basic Needs Takes Precision

The days of the basic treadmill as a compelling fitness equipment option are long gone. People who care about fitness, whether it’s their own, their family’s, their guests’ or their community members’, are looking at how to meet specific needs and how to invest in fitness efforts that have lasting value. Sophisticated biometrics are popular, […]

Maximizing Multi-Family Properties in Hot Demand Markets

Burgeoning populations in Denver, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and other growing hotbeds are causing a resurgence in multi-family amenities as interested renters compare older properties with newly built options. To keep renters happy, property owners have to take a serious look at more than just room sizes and in-unit attributes, as today’s multi-family communities […]

Offer Fitness at Your Southern California Business to Stay Trendy

It’s no secret that Californians have a high dedication to their fitness. In fact, in 2015, seven Southern California cities were ranked the fittest cities in America by the American College of Sports Medicine. Sunshine and fresh air weren’t the only contributors to this accomplishment, however. The workplace is playing an ever-increasingly important role in […]

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