Precision Matters

Merging Exercise Advancements with Basic Needs Takes Precision

The days of the basic treadmill as a compelling fitness equipment option are long gone. People who care about fitness, whether it’s their own, their family’s, their guests’ or their community members’, are looking at how to meet specific needs and how to invest in fitness efforts that have lasting value. Sophisticated biometrics are popular, […]

Maximizing Multi-Family Properties in Hot Demand Markets

Burgeoning populations in Denver, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and other growing hotbeds are causing a resurgence in multi-family amenities as interested renters compare older properties with newly built options. To keep renters happy, property owners have to take a serious look at more than just room sizes and in-unit attributes, as today’s multi-family communities […]

Offer Fitness at Your Southern California Business to Stay Trendy

It’s no secret that Californians have a high dedication to their fitness. In fact, in 2015, seven Southern California cities were ranked the fittest cities in America by the American College of Sports Medicine. Sunshine and fresh air weren’t the only contributors to this accomplishment, however. The workplace is playing an ever-increasingly important role in […]

Best Beginner Tips for Using Commercial Gym Equipment

At Advanced Exercise, we serve the newest and most in-demand market in the fitness industry today. Our biggest markets include multifamily properties, corporate wellness in business complexes and educational facilities, all of which have longtime gym attendees as well as those who are new to the fitness environment. Life Fitness and HAMMER STRENGTH® lines of commercial […]

The Role Fitness Amenities Are Playing in Senior Living Communities

The last of the Baby Boomer generation will be eligible to transition into senior living communities by 2020. With fewer than four years to go, commercial developers are already working on building additional facilities across the U.S., complete with deluxe senior living amenities. Senior living today is not like it was one or two decades […]

University Spotlight: Fowler Athletics Center Shows Off New Commercial Fitness Equipment

San Diego State University Asks Advanced Exercise to Pull Off 11,500 Sq. Ft. Strength Equipment Overhaul Congratulations to San Diego State University on their renovated athletic space! The athletics department from the Fowler Athletics Center reached out to two of our West Coast athletic performance specialists, Rick Barbee and Mike McNeese, for assistance in setting […]

Check out These Top Picks for Commercial Exercise Equipment for Firefighter Training

Firefighters are heroes of the community; they risk their lives for other’s safety every single day and at Advanced Exercise Equipment, we give these heroes the utmost respect. Firefighter gear is very heavy and requires physical training for the wearer to be able to use the high-pressure hoses. Performing rescue efforts takes an emotional, physical […]

Is Corporate Wellness the Solution to Employee Retention & Morale?

Low morale costs your company more than just its best employees; it impacts the quality of your customer service, as well. It’s an epidemic that affects most businesses sooner or later, especially if employees feel discontent. When employees feel like they are not being challenged, engaged and appreciated, the whole company environment can change for […]

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