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Why Commercial Fitness Equipment is Vital to Medical or Physical Therapy

Within the last few years, Advanced Exercise Equipment has partnered with two key cardiac therapy hospitals in the United States: the Arizona Heart...

Tools to Help Personal Trainers Succeed

Personal training offers a great one-on-one relationship between an experienced fitness expert and those who are working towards fitness goals. These...

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Strength Training

Exercise Improves Health And Performance Of Nations First Responders
Given the stressful and strenuous nature of the job this comes as no surprise, and reinforces the importance of strength training and exercise in the life of a first responder. As a leading distributor of commercial exercise equipment, Advanced Exercise has the privilege of providing fitness equipment for fire and police departments across the country...
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Exercise Equipment Geared Toward Baby Boomers Makes Exercise A Lifelong Pursuit
People are living longer nowadays, and a focus on fitness is a major reason why. An increasing amount of baby boomers are making cardiovascular machines and strength training equipment a regular part of their routines - a good thing. As we get older...
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Exercise Equipment

Choosing The Right Equipment For Your Fitness Facility
From corporate fitness centers to golf/country clubs to hotels, resorts, and spas, there are an ever growing number of facilities adding fitness centers with exercise equipment. Two key questions for those facilities then become 1) What type of cardiovascular machines and strength training equipment should we purchase and 2) How do we develop a...
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Strength Training Cardiovascular

Audiovisual Applications Add Entertainment Element To Exercise Equipment
Working out on your favorite strength training or cardiovascular equipment can seem monotonous, so to help pass the time most fitness centers employ televisions and sound systems. However, many times they are not playing what we as individuals would choose to listen to or watch if we had the choice. With that said, a growing trend in fitness centers is...
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